extract the best from your diabetic food grocery list

If you are a diabetic with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, then you would need to pay detailed attention to your diet since a healthy diet would help you to fight the disease more effectively. Even though your diet might have certain restrictions, you could still extract the best from your diabetic food grocery list.

Instead of being dejected, you could simply use a little ingenuity to conjure up dishes that not only help your body fight diabetes but also taste good at the same time. You will need to have a diet that has low levels of carbohydrates, fat and sugar and adequate levels of protein and fiber. Many fruits contain sugar but you can still have various fruits provided you eat them in limited quantity instead of gorging on them since that will increase your blood sugar levels dramatically. A close study of the food pyramid guide will also be able to help you eat the right foods.

In addition to calculating the carbohydrate levels of each food product before using them in any dish, you can also conduct food exchange programs where you can exchange various foods within the food pyramid guide that have the same levels of carbohydrates. This will keep your diet exciting and varied. Prepare a list of all the foods that you can procure from your local grocery before you plan to visit it. This will help avoid any confusion at the grocery store. Avoid fast food totally if possible or request the chef to make adequate healthy changes to the menu if you can. For example, replace red meat with grilled chicken or replace butter and mayonnaise with any of the cooking sprays that only deliver taste without fat.

At your local grocery you can buy vegetables such as cabbage, collards, carrots and asparagus and also corn and even peppers that are low in sodium, fruits such as oranges, bananas or even fruit juices that do not have any added sugar or preservatives. You can also buy grains such as wild rice or breads or pasta made of whole wheat. For your morning breakfast you can choose bran or oatmeal cereals or high fiber crackers. If you love your meats, then go in for chicken, lean beef, turkey or fish such as salmon or herring. Avoid eating fried bacon or omlette everyday since they are high in fat and cholesterol. Eat fat-free bacon and boiled egg whites instead. You can create a wide variety of salads too. You can also eat various roasted nuts provided you do not smother them in salt. Use olive oil or cooking sprays that only taste and smell as the ‘real thing’.

If your cat or dog is diabetic, then they too will need to change to a similar diet, although you can also supplement their diet with dry canin food that is normally fortified with additional vitamins and other nutrients. The above products can definitely be included in your diabetic food grocery list and you can easily prepare delicious dishes by using a combination of different food products. A strict insulin testing and delivery mechanism and regular exercise will ensure that you and your pets remain healthy and happy for a long, long time.

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