enjoy from a wide range of good foods for diabetics

The onset of diabetes might result in some diabetics fearing that their days of eating tasty foods are over. While the days of eating fat and sugar laden foods might certainly be over, diabetics will definitely be able to create delicious dishes that offer health and taste benefits at the same time. A wide range of vegetables, grains, fruits and lean meats form part of good foods for diabetics and can easily be enjoyed once they use a little imagination.

Diabetics will need to control their carbohydrate, fat and sugar intake since these factors will end up raising their blood sugar levels significantly after each meal. This could pose a problem to their insulin delivery systems and could also cause serious problems when sugar levels start plummeting again. A gradual and safe rise and fall of sugar levels would be easier on their body and help them control their disease much more efficiently. Diabetics should consult the diabetic food pyramid guide, which will visually explain the foods that are good for them.

Most vegetables including carrots, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and legumes contain low to moderate levels of carbohydrates and high levels of fiber and are hence excellent foods for diabetics. Along with these, diabetics can have various grains, cereal, oats and brown or wild rice. Milk and milk products that have low or no fat can also be enjoyed in limited quantities. This includes low-fat cheese, yogurt and tofu. Fruits and fruit juices too contain high levels of vitamins and can be consumed in small portions throughout the day. However, diabetics should stay away from canned fruits or juices that might contain added sugar and preservatives.

Diabetics that have eaten fried bacon, omlettes or fried chicken can still eat meats but will surely need to change the way these dishes are prepared. They will need to seek out lean meats or fat-free beef and chicken and grill or boil them instead of frying them. They can squeeze lemon juice and other spices over these dishes to make them tasty or dip them in a light sauce or gravy. Omlettes will also need to make way for egg whites which can be mixed in a salad containing vegetables of their choice with a sprinkling of olive oil, pepper or other spices. Turkey sandwiches in whole grain bread along with lettuce, butter-flavored cooking spray or margarine also make for tasty dishes minus the fat and cholesterol.

One group of foods that diabetics should avoid is fast food. Traditional burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and refried beans will interfere in the management of sugar levels. Sugary foods such as ice-creams, cakes and chocolates too are not suitable for diabetics although sugar-free versions have popped up in many stores in places such as Langley. Diabetic dogs and cats too have a choice of various dry diabetic foods that have been launched by reputed canin food manufacturers.

Diabetics need to watch their diet, blood sugar levels and also exercise regularly. But they should be aware that there are lots of foods that are not only suitable for their revised needs but also tasty enough to eat on a daily basis. Food exchange lists also increase the choices for diabetics by offering them a chance to exchange various food products with similar carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie levels. With the help of select 101 diabetic diet books and a little visualization, one might find numerous good foods for diabetics that can be easily prepared and enjoyed without any reservations.

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