choose wisely from a list of foods for diabetic to eat

If you are a diabetic, then a lot of prominence will need to be given on maintaining a healthy diet along with an exercise routine and a regular insulin monitoring and delivery routine. In such a case, a list of foods for diabetic to eat could help you to choose the right foods from your neighborhood grocery store. Preparation of such foods is equally important to curtail calories from entering your body while taste too is equally important to entice you to eat such dishes. Here are some foods that you can eat in abundance, moderation or only on special occasions.

A good diabetic food pyramid guide along with food exchange lists will help you to identify and calculate the types of foods that are perfect for your diet. A 101 cookbook might also prove to be handy since it might teach you about various measurements and cooking techniques. You will basically require foods that are low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars, moderate in proteins and rich in fiber. Almost all vegetables including celery, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, peas, spinach, beans, broccoli and lettuce can be cooked up into various dishes without splurging on oil, butter or rich sauces. You can also eat grains, oats, oat bran, cereals and even whole grain bread in quantities specified by your doctor or dietician.

Fruits and their juices also provide high vitamin content although they can also tip blood glucose levels away from safe limits. You should therefore have pears, oranges, apples, plums and berries in small portions. Avoid canned juices that contain added sugar, preservatives or other chemicals. You can also enjoy low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, yogurt and tofu in similar small servings. Fruits and milk contain vital vitamins and other nutrients that can help your body stay energetic. If you are fond of your meats, then you will need to shift to skinless chicken and turkey, lean beef or pork and egg-whites of chicken eggs. These can be grilled, baked or boiled but definitely not covered in batter and fried. You can turn them into delicious sandwiches or add them to your salads or just add a light sauce or gravy to turn it into an exotic main dish. You can also sprinkle toasted nuts on this dish to make it even more appealing.

You will definitely have to stay away from fast foods such as burgers, French fries, chips, pizzas, etc that contain very high levels of fat, sodium and cholesterol. Make your own healthy versions of such foods at home using a little ingenuity and cooking sprays that smell and taste like real butter or dressings. If you love sweet nothings then remember that pastries, cookies and ice-creams are definitely sweet some-things. Try to locate sugar-free cookies, ice-creams and pastries from any of the stores that have sprung up in various places including Langley.

You can definitely throw up a lot of tasty dishes from the list of foods for diabetic to eat. These dishes will contain food products and ingredients that are easily available and will work out to be very cost effective too. With your food pyramid guide and a proper plan, you will be amazed that the wonderful choices that lie before your eyes.

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