choose from a wide range of foods for diabetics

In a way diabetes will not curtail your choice of foods only teach you to eat healthy foods that might help your body to fight back to a certain extent. If you have eaten mainly fast foods, then it will just guide you towards safe foods that you should have actually eaten to stay away from the disease. There are a wide range of foods for diabetics that can be turned into tasty delicacies without harming their nutritional values.

If you have diabetes, then it is imperative that you get hold of a detailed diabetic food pyramid guide. This will enable you to find out foods that are healthy for you and also help you to calculate the carbohydrate, fat, protein and sugar levels of each ingredient that you use to create your own tasty dishes. Luckily, you can also use food exchange lists to exchange various foods that share the same carbohydrate, protein and calorific values. This will help you to swap uninteresting foods for other foods of your choice. A diabetic 101 food guide should also help you out provided it offers scientific and reliable tips.

Since high carbohydrates can mess up your blood sugar levels rapidly, you should stick to consuming foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. You can consume almost all vegetables without any worries. Oats, cereals and grains too offer high levels of fiber without too many carbohydrates. Fruits although having high fiber content also contain slightly higher sugar levels and should be consumed regularly, albeit in smaller amounts. Stick to low fat versions of milk and milk products including yogurt and tofu as it is a better alternative to regular milk and will not spike your blood sugar levels to a large extent. However, when you think meat, think lean. Go in for lean cuts instead of high-fat meat or fried bacon. Switch to grilled bacon, grilled chicken or boiled egg whites mixed in a vegetable salad sprinkled with lemon and pepper. These can provide tasty alternatives to fried chicken or even burgers that contain mayonnaise, cheese and red meat. Avoid white bread and rice, and instead shift to whole wheat breads and wild rice.

Avoid sugary fat-forming foods such as pastries, chocolates and ice-creams and instead opt for occasional sugar-free versions of the above that are now available in many areas including Langley. Check restaurant menus for carbohydrate or calorie contents of each dish before you plan your order or request the chef to incorporate healthy alternatives such as butter flavored cooking spray, low-fat cheese, margarine, etc. If your dog or cat is diabetic, then complement its diet with diabetic dry foods that select manufacturers of canin foods have now started offering to harried diabetic pet owners. These are quite cost effective and can be served as treats for your pets.

There are a large variety of foods for diabetics just waiting for you to discover them. You will need some self-control over your new diet, especially if you have been addicted to fatty and sugary items in the past. Still, you can easily use the many ingredients from your diabetic food pyramid to cook up various delicacies that are healthy too.

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