a healthy guide to foods good for diabetics

Diabetics might get distressed upon learning of their disease since they might think that their days and nights of enjoying tasty foods are over. On the contrary, diabetes might just help them to switch over to healthy foods that might not only partly help them to fight the disease but also taste great in the bargain. A healthy guide to foods good for diabetics will help them to locate healthy and tasty foods.

Diabetics will need to curtail their intake of carbohydrates to a great extent even while ensuring that they still receive adequate levels of protein and high levels of fiber into their body. Carbohydrates quickly escalate blood sugar levels which could pose a danger for diabetics. Diabetics will first need to study the diabetic food pyramid guide since this will enable them to locate food products that can be eaten frequently, occasionally or not eaten at all. This guide will help them to calculate the calories including carbohydrates of any ingredients that they might plan to include in their various dishes. Additionally, food exchange lists will make it possible for them to exchange foods within similar groups so that they can consume a wider range of food products.

Diabetics will have to understand that most vegetables are their best foods for life. They can eat peas, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, among many other vegetables regularly without any worries. They can also have various grains, oats and cereals since these foods too are rich in fiber, which will improve their digestion. Fruits, fruit juices and milk products come in next on the list. Diabetics should have them regularly since these products are rich in vitamins. The quantity should however, be restricted to small servings since these foods contain carbohydrates that rapidly get converted to sugar.

Altering a meat diet could be an unpleasant but necessary step since red meats laced with fat are not recommended foods for diabetics. Diabetics will have to shift to lean meat cuts or better still, white meats such as chicken and turkey along with fish such as salmon and tuna. Frying these foods will negate their beneficial effects on health and hence they will need to be boiled, roasted or grilled. When served with a light salad sprinkled with lemon and other spices, these foods make for tasty and healthy alternatives to fried bacon or beef. The foods that diabetics should largely avoid are fast foods such as burgers, pizzas and hot dogs unless brown bread, margarine, low-fat cheese and grilled chicken or turkey can be incorporated in those dishes instead of the traditional ingredients.

Diabetics should also shun sugar-loaded foods such as ice creams, chocolates and pastries and instead opt for the sugar-free varieties of the same items which are now available in many places such as Langley. People that own a diabetic dog or cat should also feed them similar foods and can even supplement them with dry food products made by various canin food manufacturers. These foods are available at a reasonable cost and taste great too.

A keen eye on the diabetic food pyramid will provide diabetics with a list of foods that are safe to eat in the long run. There are many foods good for diabetics and in addition to being healthy also taste good. There is no reason for diabetics to be depressed since they will certainly find foods that can tickle their taste buds without spiking their sugar levels.

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