with the right alternative diabetic medicine neuropathy effects can be reduced

Peripheral diabetic neuropathy is one of the four categories that can develop after the onset of diabetes. It is a result of poor blood circulation and damage to nerve endings caused by high blood sugar levels and affects the hands, legs, feet, fingers and toes of patients. It can also cause pain in these areas but with the right alternative diabetic medicine neuropathy effects can be reduced.

This type of diabetic neuropathy can result in cutting, tingling or burning pain in each leg, foot, hand or toe of the patient. This could surprisingly also be accompanied by numbness. Patients should therefore take adequate care to inspect the soles of their feet at regular intervals for any cuts, bruises or punctures that they might not have felt. The tingling pain can cause severe physical and mental discomfort to diabetics and while analgesics could be taken, they could lead to drowsiness while narcotics usually have a nasty habit of becoming addictive over a longer period of time. On the other hand medicines derived from natural ingredients can provide an improved alternative to alleviating muscle pain and even regulating blood glucose levels to a certain extent.

An antioxidant by the name of alpha lipoic acid has shown great promise in reducing the painful effects of diabetic neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid is found naturally in food sources such as potatoes, spinach, broccoli, liver, kidneys and beef. Its effects have been studied in detail in Europe including Germany. It is available in tablet and capsule form and a dosage of up to 50mg on a daily basis could be a safe way to start the treatment. Diabetic patients should however, ask their doctor before embarking on any supplemental course since any medicine that they consume should not interfere with their present medication. Alpha lipoic acid is found to act quickly on elderly patients although it is beneficial for younger ones too. Diabetic pets such as dogs, hamsters and horses can also benefit from this wonder antioxidant although cats cannot be given these supplements due to the negative effects that it has on the cat’s liver.

Alpha lipoic acid can also enhance the effectiveness of other important vitamins required by the body such as vitamin C and E. A healthy diet along with these natural supplements should help patients stay within the prescribed blood sugar range. Diabetics should specifically take extra care in monitoring blood sugar levels when they start any alternative diabetic medicine program since some components can raise or lower blood sugar levels upon entering the body. Dosages too should be adjusted to achieve the perfect balance between reducing pain along with maintaining ideal blood sugar levels. Antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acids are much more effective if diabetic neuropathy has not progressed to a very late stage.

Hence, although alternative diabetic medicines might be taboo in the eyes of certain doctors and hospitals, some medications derived from natural sources can truly help the patient by reducing muscle pain and numbness. Hence, with the right alternative diabetic medicine neuropathy effects can certainly be reduced to a great extent.

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