with lipidil ez diabetic neuropathy can be safely controlled

If you have diabetes since a long time, then your doctor would have explained the importance of regular checkups to avoid complications such as various diabetic neuropathies that are a result of continuous high blood sugar. If you are obese or have high blood fat content then your doctor might also suggest lipidil ez since with lipidil ez diabetic neuropathy can be safely controlled.

An extended period of living with diabetes can usher in various complications. Since diabetes can negatively affect blood flow to various organs and also damage nerves that are connected to various organs, a regular routine of timely checkups can provide your doctor with sufficient warning to detect and start treatment. You could be saddled with Focal, Autonomic, Peripheral or Proximal neuropathy that might affect your lungs, heart, eyes, kidneys, hands, feet, fingers and toes, among other organs. Regular checkups that include emg or electromyography tests can detect any negative changes in the condition of your nerves that are connected to these vital organs.

Along with regular checkups, you should also stick to a healthy diabetic diet, exercise adequately and control your blood sugar levels with continuous monitoring of insulin levels. However, if you are obese or if your cholesterol levels are quite high then your doctor might also start you on a program of lipidil ez. This medicine, which contains fenofibrate is available in tablet form and you might need to start off on a dosage of around 48mg, which can extend up to 145mg per day if the need arises. There are also certain side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, muscle pain, etc, which will need to be considered before your doctor starts your medication program. You should also quit smoking and drinking if you want the medication to effectively make a difference in your cholesterol levels.

Lipidil ez will work best when you exercise and maintain a healthy diet. It will lower triglycerides and LDL [bad cholesterol] levels while raising HDL [good cholesterol] levels. Hence, it can help lower the risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke. However if you are already affected with a diabetic neuropathy that has affected your kidneys, then you might need to take a smaller dose. Your doctor would be able to prescribe the perfect dose for you after verifying your current condition and your past history. It might take around 2 months for you to get the required benefit of this medicine. It is recommended that you continue taking these medicines on a daily basis even if you feel better within those 2 months. Regular tests during and after taking lipidil ez tablets will provide you and your doctor with a clearer picture regarding your cholesterol levels.

Hence, in order to provide you with a fighting chance to fight diabetes and other complications such as any diabetic neuropathy, lipidil ez can help you to balance out your cholesterol levels by improving your good cholesterol levels. With lipidil ez diabetic neuropathy can be safely controlled, although a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and regular checkups too will go a long way to keep your body fat-free and healthy.

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