what is normal emg diabetic neuropathy

Electromyography is known as emg. The nerve function is detected by this test. It is a graphic record of the electrical activity of a muscle recorded by an electromyograph. Electrical activity generated by muscles is measured. Messages to and from your brain about temperature, touch and pain are sent by nerves. They indicate to your muscles as to when and how to move. Body systems that digest food and pass urine are also controlled by them. Some form of nerve damage is found in half of all the people afflicted with diabetes, and it is more common in those who have had the disease for a number of years. Diabetic neuropathy means the nerve damage caused by diabetes, which can lead to many kinds of problems.

No electrical activity, when the muscle it at rest is shown in the emg recording which is a normal emg. With muscle contraction the recording shows a smooth and wavy line. Nerves transmit electrical impulses to the muscles along the sensory nerves at normal speeds. The brain is allowed to feel pain, temperature, vibration and touch by the sensory nerves. As a person gets older the nerve conduction velocity becomes slower. The emg is abnormal, when the there may be a problem with the nerves. Muscle or nerve disorder is indicated by the abnormal wave lines at the contraction of a muscle. Conditions like post-polio syndrome, inflammation or other muscle problems show abnormal EMG. Doctors are assisted to ascertain how a disease is changing by the results from emg and nerve conduction studies along with history, symptoms, physical and neurological examinations, and the results of other tests. To find out the damage to muscle tissue or nerves measuring the electrical activity in muscles and nerves is undertaken.

In order to have a more complete information, emg and nerve conduction studies are often done together. Emg test is undertaken to find damage done to muscle tissue, nerves, or the junction between nerve and muscle and also to determine the cause of weakness, muscle twitching or paralysis. These symptoms are caused by problems in the muscle, the nerves, and area of the brain that controls a muscle or the spinal cord. The diseases of spinal cord or brain are not shown by the emg. The nerve conditions studies are undertaken to find damage to the peripheral nervous system, which includes all the nerves that lead from the brain and spinal cord and the smaller nerves that branch out from those nerves. Nerve disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome or Guillain-Barre’ syndrome is often detected by the use of nerve conduction studies. In order to diagnose a condition called post-polio syndrome that may develop months or years after a person has had polio emg and nerve conduction studies have proved helpful. There are two common types of nerve damage. The first is sensorimotor neuropathy which is also known as peripheral neuropathy; it causes numbness or weakness, pain, tingling in your feet and hands. The second is known as autonomic neuropathy which leads to digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, problems with bladder, sexual dysfunction, dizziness or loss of warning signs of a heart attack, low blood glucose, increased or decreased sweating, and changes in how your eyes react to light and dark.

Most often when people have symptoms of weakness emg is used and the examination shows impaired muscle strength. To prevent progression and reduce the symptoms of the disease are the goals of the treatments for diabetic neuropathy. It is equally important to prevent progression through tight control of blood sugar levels.

Temporary or permanent damage to nerve tissue is commonly faced by people with diabetes. The decreased blood flow and high blood-sugar levels cause nerve injuries and may result in amputations of lower extremities.

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