visit a diabetic neuropathy doctor to check your vital organs

If you are diabetic, then you will need to exercise great care in your diet and also need to monitor your blood sugar levels at regular intervals. You will also need to exercise regularly to burn off excess fat and build vital muscle mass. Another action that you will need to take at regular intervals is to visit a diabetic neuropathy doctor to check your vital organs.

The reason for these checkups is that over a longer period of time, high blood sugar levels start affecting vital organs of the body such as the eyes, lungs, kidneys, heart, hands, feet, etc. The causes for these complications is attributed to high sugar levels, smoking, drinking and lack of a healthy lifestyle even after contacting diabetes. High blood sugar levels cause nerve damage and also result in poor blood circulation within the body. This will cause problems in certain organs of your body, depending on the nerves or organs affected by your diabetic condition. Regular testing at hospitals under your doctor’s advice will help to detect any problems in your vital organs and you might be able to start the relevant treatment immediately.

Your doctor might perform an electromyography or emg test to check for any nerve damage to your vital organs. In this test, electrical signals are sent to different nerves in the body and their responses measured. Ultrasound tests are also conducted to check the condition of internal organs. On the other hand, if you too feel that you have problems in your vision, breathing, bowel or bladder movements or if you have started feeling tingling in your arms, feet, fingers or toes, then you should immediately inform your doctor. If any organs are affected then your doctor can start treatment immediately.

Every affected organ might require different treatment. If your eyes are affected then you might require surgery to correct your vision provided you have not waited until it is too late. However if you have developed peripheral diabetic neuropathy which will affect your hands, feet, fingers or toes, then you might be treated with a combination of different medicines by your doctor. You might need to start with anti-depressants along with narcotic analgesics along with a topical cream for local application to get relief from any cutting or searing pain that usually accompanies this neuropathy. Some alternative medicines like alpha lipoic acid too have shown improvements in reducing pain levels while also helping to improve the balance of glucose levels. You can try them after consulting your doctor. In the meantime remember to stay adequately hydrated and stick to your healthy diet and exercise routine to help your body heal faster.

Hence, your doctor can be a vital ally in helping you to fight diabetes and ensuring that the different complications that usually affect the body due to high blood sugar levels are kept at bay. On your part, you should ensure that you visit your doctor regularly and inform him or her of any symptom, however small, that you might have noticed after the last checkup. Your diabetic neuropathy doctor can help you to retain control of all the organs of your body if you go in for regular checkups and communicate any doubts that you might have about the disease.

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