stay alert to these signs of diabetic neuropathy

If you are a diabetic that has been fighting the disease since a long time, then you should remain alert to certain complications that this disease brings along with it. Various diabetic neuropathies can attack your vital organs and you will need to stay alert to these signs of diabetic neuropathy to nip any neuropathy in its bud.

Your diabetic condition would unfortunately ensure that your blood sugar would always remain on the higher side or might fluctuate between high and low levels depending on your condition and your insulin intake. Over time, however, this blood sugar condition takes its toll on your body by restricting blood supplies to various vital organs of your body and also depriving nerves of vital oxygen. The result is that organs that are connected to such nerves experience a loss of sensation and slowly lose its ability to function at peak levels. If left unattended, then this complication could eventually damage the organ permanently and also pose a grave danger to your life.

Diabetic neuropathies can attack your body in different forms. While peripheral neuropathy can target your hands, legs, arms, fingers and toes, autonomic neuropathy can affect the functioning of your heart, lungs, kidneys, digestive tract, and cause a change in bowel and bladder movements. Focal neuropathy can attack your eyes and facial muscles while proximal neuropathy can target your thighs, hips and buttocks leading to weakened legs. The symptoms range from tingling, numbness, cutting or burning pain in the affected organs or related muscles, to blurry or double vision in case the eyes get affected. Digestion or breathing problems could also be a sign that should not be neglected. Any symptom should be treated seriously and you should immediately hurry to your doctor instead of waiting until a very late stage.

Regular checkups and tests form the forefront in detecting any diabetic neuropathy that might try to attack your body. Electromyography or emg tests along with other tests that can check the condition of your nerves are usually done by doctors or hospitals to confirm if any neuropathy has indeed arrived at your doorstep. Your treatment would depend on the organ that is targeted by the neuropathy. Hence while your eyes can be saved by timely surgery, other neuropathies might not have any cures and your doctor might only prescribe a range of medicines to slow down the onslaught of the neuropathy. You might also have to attend physical therapy [pt] or occupational therapy [ot] to regain the proper use of your muscles especially if you have been attacked by proximal or peripheral neuropathy. Natural alternative medicines such as alpha lipoic acid too have shown great promise in treating humans and most pets except cats.

Hence you should not only keep any eye out for any signs of diabetic neuropathy but should also get regular checkups and tests done to nip any neuropathy before it can launch a full scale attack your body. A healthy diet along with adequate exercise and a constant glucose monitoring system could be your best ally in stopping any assault by these undesirable complications of diabetes.

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