revelations of duloxetine diabetic peripheral neuropathy studies

Diabetics need to stay aware of the fact that the disease can bring along a debilitating complication after a certain period of time. This complication is known as diabetic neuropathy and it can cause severe pain and also prove to be quite dangerous if not treated at the right time. Duloxetine is one such drug that has been known to reduce pain levels and here are the revelations of duloxetine diabetic peripheral neuropathy studies that can prove to be helpful for diabetics.

Diabetics suffer from high levels of blood glucose levels, which also keep on fluctuating due to their intake of insulin in a bid to maintain blood sugar levels within permissible limits. This results in poor blood circulation and damaged nerves, which in turn affects the organs that are connected to such nerves. The result is diabetic neuropathy, which can make an appearance in the following ways. If the buttocks, hips and thighs are affected, then it is known as proximal neuropathy. In case the eyes, abdomen, facial muscles or pelvis is affected, then it is known as focal neuropathy. If the neuropathy attacks the heart, lungs, bowel, bladder, sex organs, eyes or digestive tract then it is known as autonomic neuropathy and if the arms, legs, toes and fingers are affected, then it is known as peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is quite painful since as oxygen-starved nerves start collapsing, they cause cutting and searing pain in the muscles of the hands and feet along with tingling and numbness at the same time. This causes diabetics to lose sleep as well as writhe in pain as the affected nerves in each muscle make diabetics extremely uncomfortable throughout the day and night. This prompted doctors to search for possible cures and one of them is known as duloxetine. This drug does not cure diabetic peripheral neuropathy but is known to reduce the pain associated with it. In several studies where duloxetine was used on several patients, there was a marked improvement and relief felt by patients as compared to a placebo.

These studies have concluded that duloxetine makes a significant reduction in the chronic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which in turn enables patients to perform their daily tasks in an easier manner. This helps them to regain their self-esteem and avoid the spiraling effects of this debilitating complication of diabetes. However, diabetics, especially children or adolescents should first consult their doctor before starting any medications due to possible side effects, which could include depression and slight alteration in cholesterol levels in some patients. Other alternative medicines such as alpha lipoic acid, too have shown encouraging results in several studies in Europe and could be used by both humans and certain pets except cats.

Hence, diabetics should explore various medications that have shown positive results in studies to get relief from the painful symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Diabetics should also follow a strict foot and hand care regimen and not wait until a late stage to show their doctor. Instead, they should go in for regular checkups to detect any neuropathy and tackle it at an early stage. The revelations of duloxetine diabetic peripheral neuropathy studies show positive effects in controlling pain and diabetics should consult their doctor and embark on a medication program to get noticeable relief.

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