how to handle diabetic neuropathy pain

Diabetic neuropathy pain also has another name known as neuralgia which means pain that persists in one or more nerves. Due to such deterioration of theses nerves diabetics experience neuropathic pain. Diabetics have all sorts of different symptoms, some experience burning sensation, tingling in hands or their legs. Some patients get extreme sensations like similar to stabbing, a gentle rub against a cloth or simple breeze which can cause them severe pain. Diabetic patients therefore tend to get very restless due to the prolonged suffering and in turn sometimes can be annoying for the doctors. But with time medicines are improving and patients are getting relief from diabetic neuropathy pain.

The basic balance in curing diabetic neuropathy pain is searching for the root cause. If you feel there is vitamin B deficiency you can alternate between taking injections or supplements. Diabetics have to keep a strict check on their blood sugar levels. It may also be beneficial to exercise. If there are some vices like smoking and drinking they should be completely avoided, as far as possible. Diabetic neuropathy pain can cause immense pain in the legs which in turn could be damaging to the peripheral nerves. You could improve neuropathic pain by taking care of your legs, avoiding leg injury and visiting a podiatrist, if required. Any injury to the legs could cause nerve damage; hence it can lead to leg amputation in the long run.

Neuropathic Pain cannot be relieved by normal pain killers like Aspirin or Acetaminophen. Hospitals use topical pain relief creams which helps in peripheral neuropathy. Doctors use topical creams containing capsaicin which is found in chili peppers to relieve post herpetic neuralgic pain. Patients experience some burning sensation but after regular use the medicine starts affecting. Tri-cyclic antidepressants often help in ending the stabbing, burning sensations and diabetic neuropathy pain. These medicines have some side effects in older patients like feeling dizzy and drowsy. Patients who cannot sustain antidepressants can alternate with anticonvulsant medicines. This medicine has done wonders in treating diseases like epilepsy. Anticonvulsants help in relaxing overworked nerves, hence reducing chronic nerve pain. A more recent anticonvulsant neurontin has normal to minimum side effects and does not interfere with other medications. After research it was found that this drug is helpful in treating post herpetic and diabetic neuropathy pain. Narcotics have also been found to relieve pain. Doctors are not very keen on using this on patients, as there is a chance of them getting addicted to it. They are only used as a very last option on patients having excruciating pain on which other medicines have not worked.

The only solution to avoid diabetic neuropathy pain is to follow the rule – prevention is better than cure. Diabetic patients can completely avoid neuropathic pains by doing all they can to skip any deficiencies. You should take supplements of vitamin or a diet consisting of this vitamin can also help. You also have to be very careful of ensuring your normal blood sugar levels, if you suffer from Diabetes, combined with regular exercise. Patients also have to stay clear of alcohol consumption. If diabetic patients feel neuropathic pain then a visit to the doctor helps, as it can be taken care of immediately. As the rule is the longer the disease persists the more difficult it is to cure it.

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