for treatment of diabetic neuropathy us hospitals offer a wide choice

If you reside in the United States of America and have been diagnosed with diabetes, then you could choose from a wide range of hospitals to get your tests and treatment done for detecting and treating diabetic neuropathy. In fact, for treatment of diabetic neuropathy US hospitals offer a wide choice and your doctor could guide you towards the right hospital for your needs.

If you have type I or type II diabetes since a long time, then you would certainly need to go in for regular checkups to check for an unwanted complication of diabetes known as diabetic neuropathy. The high blood sugar levels in your body due to diabetes, results in nerve damage and poor blood circulation over a longer period of time. This causes various vital organs such as kidneys, eyes, the heart, arms, legs, fingers, toes, etc to receive incomplete signals from the brain, which in turn causes them to malfunction or in extreme cases even stop functioning. The symptoms vary depending on the organs that are affected. Hence you should keep alert to any changes in your body such as blurry or double vision, black spots floating in your line of vision, impaired bowel or bladder functions, tingling, pain or numbness in arms, legs, toes or fingers, among others.

You should also consult your doctor and visit any recommended hospital that has an excellent record of detection and treatment of not only diabetes but also any diabetic neuropathy that could result due to your diabetic condition. Such hospitals should be equipped with the latest equipments to conduct diabetic neuropathy tests such as electromyography or emg tests to determine if you indeed have developed any symptoms. If you do have any pronounced symptoms, then these hospitals should also have the latest equipment and surgical expertise to successfully treat you. While neuropathies that affect the eyes might require surgery, others such as peripheral diabetic neuropathy, which affects hands, feet, fingers and toes, might require the right balance of antidepressant and anticonvulsive drugs to keep the pain at bay.

Such hospitals should also be open to exploring alternative medicines such as an antioxidant known as alpha lipoic acid, which has shown commendable promise in reducing pain and balancing blood glucose levels in humans as well as certain pets including dogs and horses. However, it is not suitable for cats due to a toxic reaction with its liver. A good hospital should also have facilities for physical therapy or PT and occupational therapy or OT, which will help you exercise the affected limbs and also teach you to take proper care of them. Lastly, such hospitals should not only provide you with medicines but should also create an environment where you can relax and fight any complications associated with diabetes with a calm and composed mind.

Hence, it is vital that your doctor recommends an efficient hospital that is located near your neighborhood to test and treat any complication associated with your diabetic condition. The doctors in that hospital should be honest and experienced and the hospital should be approved by your insurance company. For treatment of diabetic neuropathy US hospitals offer a wide choice and you should consult your family doctor so that you can make an informed decision.

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