different causes of diabetic neuropathy

If you are a diabetic then you should realize the importance of strictly monitoring your blood sugar levels and taking all possible action to keep it within the prescribed range. Several complications including diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts can quickly join diabetes in causing further harm to your body. Here are some different causes of diabetic neuropathy and some steps that can be taken by you to remain in control of the disease.

In addition to regular monitoring and delivery of insulin, you will also need to maintain a strict control over your diet and also exercise regularly to increase your body’s metabolism and improve your blood circulation. Diabetics suffer from poor blood circulation and nerve end damage due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Hence if your blood glucose fluctuates wildly or if you have had diabetes for a longer period of time then you could develop diabetic neuropathy. If you are obese and have not given up smoking or drinking, then that too could lead you towards the path of diabetic neuropathy. If you had any injury to your nerves or suffer from inflammation of the nerves, or lastly get caught in the heredity trap, then that too could add another cause for diabetic neuropathy. In other words diabetic neuropathy hinders the nerves ability to transmit signals from the brain and can also damage blood vessels that transport vital nutrients and oxygen to nerves.

Diabetic neuropathy itself is classified into 4 groups. The first one is Autonomic neuropathy which affects digestion, bladder and bowel movements and also impairs sexual functions. It can also affect nerves leading to the heart, eyes and lungs. The second is Peripheral neuropathy which affects the movement and feelings in hands, legs, feet and toes. The third type is Focal neuropathy in which any nerve or a group of nerves in the body experiences abrupt pain or weakness. The fourth type is proximal neuropathy which can cause pain in the buttocks, hips or thighs, which in turn can lead to weakness in the legs. Unfortunately you will not realize which diabetic neuropathy is going to attack your body until you start exhibiting the symptoms.

You should not ignore your problems and rush to your doctor at a late stage, but instead rush immediately so that you can be put on medications in a bid to slow down the effects of diabetic neuropathy. You can even go in for surgery in case you suffer from diabetic retinopathy. There are also alternative natural treatments available in the form of antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid capsules, which can lessen the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy and can also help to balance blood glucose levels. These capsules can also help in the treatment of diabetic pets such as dogs and horses but cannot be used on cats due to a toxic reaction with its liver. One simple method to stay ahead of diabetic neuropathy is regular examinations at hospitals or at your doctor’s clinic. A healthy diet and regular exercise to build up vital muscle tissue can also go a long way in delaying or avoiding this unwanted complication associated with diabetes.

Hence, even though diabetes brings along its own baggage of associated complications, you can still beat them with diet, exercise and regular tests. Pay heed to the different causes of diabetic neuropathy and discontinue any bad habits that could hasten the onset of the disease.

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