diabetic neuropathy surgery can help relieve pain

Diabetics that have endured diabetes for a longer period of time often need to face additional complications in the form of diabetic neuropathy. These neuropathies can attack various organs of the body, often causing pain and irreversible damage, if not detected and treated on time. However, diabetic neuropathy surgery can help relieve pain for certain patients.

Diabetics might get afflicted by different versions of diabetic neuropathy such as Focal, Proximal, Peripheral and Autonomic neuropathy, which can affect the nerves that are connected to various internal and external organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, hands, feet, toes, fingers, etc. Diabetic neuropathy can also inversely affect bladder and bowel movements and disturb sexual functions. It can cause cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy in the patient’s eyes. When the patient’s hands, feet, fingers and toes are affected, then that patient is said to be suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

In such cases, patients might start to feel a tingling sensation in the fingers and toes followed by cutting and searing pain which can also be accompanied by numbness. This could be due to nerve damage caused by poor blood circulation, which is one of the side-effects of high blood sugar levels in the patient’s body. This could cause nerves to swell up, which in turn could get pinched in the narrower areas such as the hands and feet, thus causing severe pain and discomfort. If the patient is not responding to regular anti-depressant or anticonvulsive medicines, then their doctor might need to consider surgery as an option to provide relief.

If the diabetic patient is young and the symptoms are at an early stage, then surgery can definitely provide relief from pain and patients might even regain some motor function after a successful surgery. Hospitals can conduct electromyography or emg tests to ascertain the levels of complications in diabetic patients. Surgery can also be successfully done on other organs of the body such as the eyes, if they have been affected by cataracts or other complications caused due to diabetes. Certain sexual functions can also be regained with the help of corrective surgery. On the other hand, patients will need to take great care to constantly check their entire body, especially their hands and feet to check for any abnormalities, wounds, cuts or punctures, and rush to their doctor if they notice anything amiss instead of waiting till the last stage.

Certain alternative medicines have also shown good results in alleviating pain levels in diabetic patients. Alpha lipoic acid is one such antioxidant that relieves pain and also helps to balance blood glucose levels to a certain extent. It is also useful in treating pets other than cats.

Hence, diabetic neuropathy surgery can help relieve pain in select cases and patients should go in for such surgeries if they are unable to bear the pain related to certain neuropathies. Their doctor can guide them on the necessity of such a procedure. If such surgeries can save them from pain and possible amputations, then it is definitely worth giving surgery a chance.

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