diabetic neuropathy improved by b vitamin shows promise

Diabetics might suffer from diabetic neuropathy due to continuous high levels of blood sugar levels. This condition can assume serious proportions if not tackled at the onset itself. But as science comes up with improved solutions, diabetic neuropathy improved by b vitamin certainly shows promise in the treatment of diabetic patients.

Diabetics might take good care of their health by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly while also trying to control blood glucose levels. However, after a long period of staying with this disease, an increasing percentage of diabetics might find one or more of their organs getting affected by the effects of high blood sugar levels. Diabetes causes nerve damage and poor blood circulation, which, over a period of time damages vital organs such as the eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, legs, hands, fingers and toes of diabetics. Alcohol and smoking only hasten the progress of such complications.

Diabetics might notice double or blurry vision, problems in their bladder or bowel movements, tingling, numbness or searing pain in their toes, fingers, hands or feet and weakness in their legs caused by problems in their hips or thighs. All these are different versions of diabetic neuropathies that are known as Focal, Proximal, Peripheral or Autonomic diabetic neuropathy depending on the organ that is negatively affected. Diabetics should immediately rush to their doctor as soon as they notice any changes in the performance of any organ or organs. Regular checkups too are a must for diabetics for this very reason.

Doctors might test the patient’s nerves by subjecting them to an electromyography or emg test which tests the nerves responses to electrical impulses. Once any form of diabetic neuropathy is confirmed, then doctors can decide on the related treatment. While neuropathies related to the eyes can be corrected by surgery, peripheral diabetic neuropathy that affects hands, legs, fingers and toes might require medications and might not reverse the disease if the patient has reported to the doctor at a very late stage.

Various derivatives of vitamin b have shown tremendous potential in slowing down, halting or even reversing the ravages of diabetic neuropathy depending on the severity of the case. Hence, vitamin B6, B12, methyl B12 and Biotin among others play an important role in protecting nerves and even reversing certain early conditions of nerve degeneration. While B6 improves glucose tolerance, especially in women, B12 and its derivatives can reduce nerve damage to a large extent while providing relief from pain. Biotin helps to improve glucose metabolism in diabetics and also offers relief from pain caused by collapsing nerves. Hence, b vitamin plays an important role in controlling the bad effects of nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Diabetics should remember to visit their doctor or hospitals regularly to get themselves tested for any diabetic neuropathy that might launch an attack on their body. Any symptom felt by them should also be reported immediately so that treatment including b vitamin medicines can be started off at the earliest. But if the doctor can detect the neuropathy at a nascent stage then diabetic neuropathy improved by b vitamin can certainly reduce the pain and restore the nerves of the diabetic patient to a great extent.

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