the positive impact of mini lessons for children with diabetes

There are so many aspects to diabetes that adults themselves might get flummoxed just by thinking about the enormity and future impact of the disease on their children. If parents themselves are terrified, then to think of the effect on their child afflicted with type I or type II diabetes would be simply unthinkable. The trick then is to split everything, right from the treatment to the diet to explaining everything to the child, into mini lessons. Here are some positive effects of mini lessons for children with diabetes.

Instead of confusing and terrifying the child while explaining why insulin shots are necessary, parents should try to get into the child’s psyche and try to explain the news in a simple manner. If the child is small then he or she should only be informed of the immediate action that is to be taken. Along with such mini lessons, all other aspects of diabetes will also need to be split in small actions. Meals too will need to be split into mini meals so that the blood sugar levels remain within acceptable limits. If the child remains hungry for a long while or wolfs down a large portion during any meal, then it could have adverse effects on glucose levels.

The treatment of monitoring and administering insulin too should be explained to the child in the form of mini lessons. The actions too will be in mini steps since the child’s blood sugar will need to be monitored normally between 1 to 10 times in a day according to the doctor’s instructions. Along with the diet and treatment, mini lessons in sports too will be beneficial to the child. The child can be encouraged to take part in games such as baseball and baskeball since physical activity will help fight the disease and keep the child from accumulating fat and weight, both of which impair the action of insulin. The child should also be allowed to attend outdoor camps for children with diabetes, where he or she can also get mini lessons by mentors and other experts in diabetes.

While such mini lessons help parents and their children, the process of monitoring and administering insulin too should be strictly adhered to for the health of the child. Lifescan, which is part of the Johnson & Johnson Group, has exceptional products that include blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, lancing devices and much more. The company also has an easy-to-use free software program that can calculate the dosage required for any child based on the personal details entered in the program. There are lots of educational airticles and tips available on the company’s website that can be beneficial for parents as well as children.

Thus, each and every aspect of diabetes should be split into mini-lessons so that it becomes easier to control the disease. Children too will be in a better position to understand their role in containing diabetes if it is explained to them through such lessons. Hence the positive impact of mini lessons for children with diabetes will result in such children fearlessly facing the disease head on and will help them to remain positive in life.

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