the benefits of carbohydrate counting for children with diabetes

It can be very difficult for parents with children that have type I or type II diabetes to constantly restrict them from eating foods high in fat or sugar. However, if they start maintaining a carbohydrate count of each food product consumed by their children then they can factor in a little bit of sinful food without any harm. Here are some of the benefits of carbohydrate counting for children with diabetes.

Just as the levels of blood sugar and insulin are maintained by concerned parents, so too will a counting regimen be required to calculate the total amount of carbohydrates consumed by the child. The reason for keeping a strict tab on the carbohydrates consumed is that upon consumption, it acts very fast to change glucose levels as compared to fat or protein. Thus, if the child is on insulin injections or insulin pump then by counting the calories consumed, the parent or doctor can easily adjust the amount of insulin delivered to maintain blood sugar within optimal limits.

Carbohydrates are found in milk and milk products, yogurt, breads, candies, cakes, cereals and certain vegetables such as corn and potatoes. Most other vegetables contain low amounts of carbohydrates. However some foods like bagels that weigh around 4 ounces contain around 70 grams of carbohydrates. In order to calculate the amount of carbohydrates in each food product, parents can buy any reliable book that specifies the fat, protein and carbohydrate count of each food product from any bookstore. This will enable them to calculate the carbohydrate count of each product before giving it to their child.

The obvious benefit to children with diabetes is that their insulin doses can be adjusted by matching it with their carbohydrate count for that day. Children can also eat some of the foods that they crave for, albeit in limited quantity by reducing the carbohydrate count for other food products during the day. For example, the child can be given a candy and the excess carbohydrates can be adjusted by giving him or her vegetables with a low-carbohydrate count for that particular day. This counting system will also avoid higher glucose fluctuations among children, thus enabling them to have some control over the disease.

Children with type II diabetes can also benefit since it will enable them to eat a healthy diet that will benefit them in the long run. Or course, constant monitoring of glucose levels is essential. Lifescan Inc, which is a Johnson Group company, has a wide range of blood sugar monitoring and insulin delivery equipment that can safely monitor the sugar levels of children. In addition, children should also be encouraged to engage in physical activities such as football and baskeball, attend camps, some of them which are even free while parents should gain all the educational knowledge about the disease that they can learn to control the bad effects of diabetes.

So, the benefits of carbohydrate counting for children with diabetes are many and a continuous process over a long term will enable parents to regulate the delivery of insulin to their children as well as ensure that the child’s health is maintained well enough for him or her to turn into a fit adult.

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