symptoms of diabetes in children

Children are exposed to the risk of developing diabetes as well. It’s sad but it’s true. Many times the symptoms are mild and can be mistaken for other childhood ailments. Repeated occurrence of these signs should be taken heed of. The child may not be able to express exactly what he or she must be going through that’s where the parent’s common sense should prevail. A casual approach will always bring disaster. Diabetes has no mercy and will wreak havoc in a child’s body as well.

Diabetes mellitus is of three main types namely Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. Children mostly develop Type1 or Juvenile diabetes, this form generally aims for folks who are thirty and below. Type 1 diabetes has a sudden onset. The destruction of the beta cells by the body itself causes it not to produce insulin and this leads to juvenile diabetes. Insulin plays an important part in the conversion of glucose into energy. Energy is needed by the body to perform all the necessary activities pertaining to day to day survival. Malfunction of the pancreas brings on the onset of the disease in discussion.

Signs are subtle yet very much there. Children who are under attack display irritability and a change in behavior, they have extreme thirst and display a desire for sweet drinks, fatigue and weakness, increased appetite, weight loss (as the body uses fat and protein instead of glucose), abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, bed wetting(which was absent before) and blurry vision. The child may complain of dry mouth and throat. Diaper rashes are persistent in infants and toddlers even after medication. Diabetic coma is also a warning sign. Children who are obese and overweight are at high risk as well.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as auto immune disease because the immune system of the body attacks its own insulin producing beta cells. This triggers of the diabetic demon. Very often a child with Type 1 diabetes does not have a family background of the disease. What triggers of the disease is exactly not known but it is believed to be a combination of environmental factors and genes. Diabetes does not even spare the infants and the toddlers as the signs or the disease are not very noticeable. The infant may get very sick before detection, a check up by the pediatrician is a must, the parents can request for a simple urine test.

Children may not grow properly or fail to gain weight. Dehydration is also a telltale sign; headaches and drowsiness are indicators as well. The child may have sweet smelling fruity breath, which on so many occasions are overlooked by the parents thinking the child may have eaten something. It would do parents well to educate themselves about this dreaded disease called diabetes. A careless approach to the early signs and symptoms may lead to untold damage, the child cannot be blamed.

Upon diagnosis, parents it is advisable to maintain your cool and calm. An erratic reaction will bring fear and insecurity into your child’s life. It will have a negative psychosocial effect on the tender mind of the child. No, No he or she is no invalid, life goes on no matter what.

Teach your children to make the most of it!!

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