read an abstract article on children with diabetes

There are 2 types of diabetes that afflict small children and teens all around the world. While type I diabetes prevents the pancreas from producing insulin that regulates blood sugar, type II diabetes is mainly caused by insufficient insulin levels aggravated by inactivity and faulty eating habits, and has now reached alarming levels.

Type I diabetes requires insulin shots on a regular basis with continuous monitoring of sugar level at regular intervals. This can prove to be a difficult task for parents as well as children, especially if they are too young to comprehend their disease. Type II diabetes can be controlled with pills and a modified diet if the sugar levels are within controllable limits. However, experts agree that in both cases, children should definitely be encouraged to participate in physical activities of their choice. This will provide a sense of normalcy in their minds as well as encourage their body to fight back in a natural way. Physical activity will also prevent children from gaining weight that could lead to further complications as they grow up.

Along with physical activities, a lot of stress should also be laid on the dietary aspect of the child. Young children might have a hard time in understanding why they cannot have cookies, candies and other fast foods that other children might be enjoying. It is upon the parents to calmly explain to their children the importance of a healthy diet. Parents can also use sugar substitutes to make cookies and candies for their children after taking all the necessary precautions like carefully reading the instructions printed on each product. It is important for parents to gather all the knowledge that they can on juvenile diabetes and impart the portion of the information that feel could be important for their child based on his or her age. This is a continuous process that needs to be coupled with regular monitoring of glucose levels so that the blood sugar levels of the child always stay within safe limits.

Parents can also read various books and articles, many of which are also now available on the internet. This will provide useful information that could help their children’s diabetes to be kept under control as well as ensure that their children enjoy the life simply as a child should. They should be encouraged to attend camps where they can enjoy physical activities of their choice while being monitored by experts and motivated by diabetics that can act as role models. This will encourage them to try out those activities that they might previously be afraid of attempting. They should also be guided on the importance of keeping their bodies hydrated at all times.

Children also need the right blood glucose monitoring equipment to ensure that their sugar levels remain steady. Lifescan Inc, which is a Johnson & Johnson company, has many products on offer that can enable children to lead a tension free life. Their insulin monitoring and delivery products can lend a helping hand to children and enable them to lead a normal life with minimum intrusion.

With type II diabetes increasing to a worrying level, parents now have an increased role of explaining the benefits of a good diet with the right amount of carbohydrates and protein coupled with ample exercise to their children. They should lead by example instead of only offering abstract advice. Parents with type I diabetic children too should encourage their children to treat the disease only as an irritant and not as a disability. Reading a similar abstract article on children with diabetes could also be of great help in gaining understanding and knowledge on diabetes.

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