healthy type 2 diabetes diet for kids

A child diagnosed with diabetes can give parents a hard time. With most children unable to understand the seriousness of this dreadful disease, a parent with a child having this condition has to constantly pay attention to his/her body’s needs. This life threatening disease has to be controlled with the help of healthy diet and a good exercise regime. With kids being fussy about food, a parent has to play smart when planning his/her meals. Diabetic food does not mean boring or tasteless food, something out of the world. Every food group is healthy and when eaten in the right proportion will help you maintain blood sugar levels.

Proper diagnosis will help you understand the requirements of your child’s body. Depending upon the number of calories he/she needs to take in, you need to plan the meals. As there is no specific diabetic food, you can include various food products in the meals in right proportion. However, make sure that junk and oily food is completely eliminated from the diet. Spices and junk food are good to taste but do no good to the stomach. Also simple carbohydrates, saturated and trans fats are best avoided. A diabetic diet should also be low in sodium.

On an average diabetic diet meals include 50 percent carbohydrate (complex), 20 percent proteins and 20 to 30 percent fats. However, the variation will differ depending on the severity of diabetes in your kid. Complex carbohydrates get converted into starch and thus are healthy. This can be found in vegetables, lentils, beans, milk, bread, and whole grains. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must in any diet especially diabetic diets. With children being ignorant towards vegetables, you can prepare a delicious soup for them or a nice vegetable sandwich with brown bread.

A yummy salad made out of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, onions, half sliced potato and small chicken or turkey breast also make a wholesome diet. Fish and eggs are equally important in a diabetic diet for kids to control the blood sugar levels. Skimmed milk, sugar free yoghurt, sour cream, herbal tea or coffee and nuts are healthy and can be a part of a diabetic diet. Lean meat, low fat cheese, small amount of peanut butter and margarine is fine for breakfast. Always have brown bread made from wheat; a bowl full of pasta made out of whole grains is also healthy and delicious.

Children are usually very fond of sweets and cakes. With diabetes their choice is limited. However, with artificial sweetener like splenda, you can prepare homemade sweets that contain zero calories. Every time you prepare sweets or cakes make use of healthy and right ingredients. A bowl full of fruit salad with low sugar or sugar substitute is an ideal healthy food.

Diabetes can be life threatening; however, it can be controlled with a balanced diet that aims to maintain blood sugar levels. Type II diabetes diet can certainly help your child lead a normal and healthy life.

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