for children with diabetes research monitoring examples that work

Although most children suffer from type i diabetes, an increasing number of children have also been found to be suffering from type ii diabetes. This new aspect has worried professionals in the medical fraternity that are already conducting research and monitoring trials on diabetes in children since it makes their work all the more difficult. The emphasis on the whole has been to effectively monitor glucose levels and keep them within prescribed limits to limit the long-term damage of diabetes. For children with diabetes research monitoring examples that work are very important since these can then be duplicated all around the world to help additional children.

While a lot of research and monitoring is done in various laboratories, a lot is also done by interacting with children themselves, since ultimately all the products will be used by them and on them. Companies such as Lifescan, which is part of the Johnson & Johnson Group too has initiated several programs that blends research with fun and provides valuable feedback for the company while monitoring the health of children at the same time. The company already has a free educational software program on its website which is known as the One Touch Diabetes Management Software. This software processes children’s eating habits, exercise routines and insulin delivery schedules and provides solutions that could help parents to maintain the child’s glucose levels at optimum levels.

Another example of the company’s commitment to diabetes care is their continuing interest in camps for diabetic children. The company has held online raffles that provide free stays at such camps for the winner along with free diabetes meters. These camps offer children a chance to mingle with other diabetic children and learn more about the disease. It also makes them feel normal and doctors and counselors can provide educational knowledge that can help these children to improve their insulin monitoring and delivery techniques. Such camps also encourage children to play outdoor games such as baseball and baskeball.

Lifescan has also sponsored the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial [DCCT] and offers support to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation among others. All these programs ultimately benefit children to help monitor their glucose levels with minimum inconvenience. Parents should also read books and airticles related to diabetes since continuous research offers new insights into the treatment of diabetes. Parents should also keep a constant watch on the diet of the child and ensure that he or she is consuming the required amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, fats and sugars that is essential for healthy growth of the child. The child’s school should also have the required expertise to deal with diabetic children.

With select companies initiating practical examples in a bid to help children with diabetes by continuous research and interaction, children can look forward to many new innovations that can make their life easier or even disease-free in the future. For children with diabetes research monitoring examples that work can certainly help them by providing them with practical resources that can help them fight the disease more effectively.

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