for children with diabetes research monitoring could secure their future

Children suffering from type I diabetes and to certain extent type II diabetes need constant monitoring of their blood glucose levels and constant corrections in doses of insulin to ensure that their sugar levels remain within permissible limits. Technology too has stepping in and many private companies along with several government organizations are trying to develop new monitoring and delivery systems that could increase the safety and long-term reliability aspect of these systems. For children with diabetes research monitoring could truly secure their future while making their present less painful.

At present companies such as Lifescan, which belongs to the Johnson & Johnson group have come out with blood glucose testers that display the blood sugar results in 5 seconds. These products have become smaller and easier to use as the years pass by due to continuing research by these companies. They also have lancing devices that have 7 to 9 different jabbing settings so that children with different skin types can set them to ensure minimal pain. An excellent new product based on their relentless research is their blood glucose meter that sends wireless signals to their insulin pump, which then pumps the required insulin into the child’s body. This product not only saves time and effort but also eliminates the chances of making any mistakes that were possible in the old manual method.

The websites of Lifescan and Johnson & Johnson also offer free books and brochures that can be downloaded by parents. There are also educational airticles that display the latest news in the world of diabetes. Again, based on past research, the site offers 1000 diet recipes along with their nutritional values that can be used by parents to cook up delicious but safe food not only for their children but also for themselves. In addition, these companies also encourage parents to let children participate in their favorite outdoor activities such as swimming and playing baskeball, baseball, etc. This could improve the overall physical health of children and refresh them mentally too as they would feel free just as any other normal child would.

The emphasis on current research now is to minimize the pain or even eliminate it completely so that children do not have to face the fear of being jabbed on a daily basis. While some companies are trying for fully non-invasive methods, others are trying for semi-invasive ones while still others are trying for a one-time implant of measuring or delivery systems inside the skin that can then transmit continuous or intermittent signals and warnings to other external devices. A breakthrough would mean relief for millions of children worldwide who are currently suffering from diabetes in one form or another.

Thus, while research has provided advanced methods of monitoring blood sugar levels, a lot more is needed to eliminate the aspect of pain since the patients in type I disease are usually children. On the other hand, the race for painless relief and monitoring, and even a cure is truly on and for children with diabetes research monitoring could truly secure their future.

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