for children with diabetes a resource for schools is vital

For children afflicted with type I or type II diabetes, schooling could involve a little inconvenience but should not be a stumbling block in the quest for further education. If you have a diabetic child, then you will need to take some precautionary steps to ensure that your child remains safe at school. On the other hand, the school too should realize that such children need additional attention and should be ready and equipped to provide the same. Thus, for children with diabetes a resource for schools is a must.

If your child is very small, then naturally he or she might not have the necessary knowledge or skills to administer the delivery of insulin. The child might also not be aware if the blood sugar levels escalate or drop down within a short time. If your child has an elder sibling in the same school, then it would certainly be of help. However, if that is not the case, then the school nurse should have the necessary skills to administer the delivery of insulin, either by injecting the child or by insulin pump. Another elder child should also be trained to perform the same actions if the school nurse is not available or absent during a particular day.

You will anyway need to provide all your child’s diabetes reports and provide a detailed plan of the delivery system that is to be required to be given during school hours. This will enable the school to administer insulin and monitor the blood sugar levels at the pre-determined time. The school on its part can also gather resources in the form of books, periodicals, brochures and airticles so as to remain abreast of the disease and suggest any improvements to your system. With the advent of the internet, companies such as Lifescan, a Johnson & Johnson group company provides excellent information along with a wide range of products that can help in the continuous delivery and monitoring of glucose levels in your child. Their resources section too offers links to important sites that can benefit both, the school and your child.

The website also offers various diets that can be beneficial to your child. The school cafeteria too should offer diets that could suit your child and should also display the carbohydrate count of each item. Your child should also remain adequately hydrated during all hours. In addition to eating properly, adequate care should be taken that your child drinks enough liquids. On another front, your child should also be encouraged to attend camps for diabetic children where he or she can engage in outdoor activities and play games such as baskeball, etc. Along with your child’s educational needs, all other needs should also be pursued so that your child gains confidence and enjoys a life that is comparable to other children of the same age.

Thus, it is very important for you to act in conjunction with your child’s school to attend to his or her special needs without causing inconvenience to anyone. The school, on its part should not show any discrimination towards your child and sift through all possible resources to provide the best for your child. Hence for children with diabetes a resource for schools is vital in providing the best care.

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