diabetes in children and care at school

With the number of children falling prey to diabetes increasing, it has become important to start up a care plan at school to ensure children are safe for the number of hours they are out. Proper care for children with diabetes at school is essential to make them grow into healthy adults. To make sure diabetic children are given proper care and attention, the authorities need to make sure that concerned people and teachers are trained for diabetic treatment and emergency aid. An individualized diabetic health plan for every child should be planned and the management needs to make sure that the same is followed.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are found in large number of school going kids. Thus it’s important that proper monitoring of their health is done on a sustained basis. Every school can form a student’s diabetic care team. The team should be highly trained and have correct knowledge about handling and taking care of children with diabetes. There are few cases where in the child is required to inject the insulin every day or after few hours. However when the child is in school it becomes difficult for parents to take the required measures, but with the schools stepping in to help, it becomes easier to give the children required medication on time.

When it comes to caring for children with diabetes at school, the following things should be taken care of.

* Monitoring blood sugar levels.
* Storage of insulin and giving the required amount of dosage as and when prescribed.
* Providing nutritional food. Diabetic children need special attention given to their diet, amount, and type of food intake.
* Follow all the necessary steps as outlined by the child’s physician.

The school management needs to understand that every child’s condition suffering from diabetes is different and each one would require different kind of treatment. The parents of these children need to take active participation and give the details of treatment and care that is required by their diabetic child. This will help the school authorities and diabetic care team understand the treatment required by your child and follow the regimen successfully.

A proper health care plan at school will ensure that your child is given due attention in case of an emergency. Taking active part in physical activities will help them fight diabetes even at school. Diabetic children have to face trauma and stress. They find it difficult to fit themselves among other students and it is here that teachers and other trainers can help them get along well with the rest of kids. Engaging them in sports and other extra curricular activities will help the children forget diabetes and lead a normal happy childhood.

As parents you can supply the essentials required by your child and make sure it is replaced and stored carefully at school. Keep in touch with the school management to make sure your diabetic child is doing well.

The alarming rate at which small children are getting affected by diabetes makes it necessary for schools to take active participation in helping children fight diabetes and help them lead a healthy life.

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