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If you are a parent with a diabetic child, then you would have realized that science has advanced quite steadily to provide better care for your child. Whether your child is suffering from type I or type II diabetes, continuous monitoring and reliable delivery systems are required along with strict control over the child’s diet. You could be wishing for an easy-to-use software program that could help you out in this matter. Well, Lifescan, which is a Johnson & Johnson Group company, has done just that. It has come up with free educational software for children with diabetes.

With a large number of homes having a personal computers and an internet connection, Lifescan has come up with a wonderful program that can help parents all over the world. All you need to do is to log on to their website and download their software named OneTouch Diabetes Management Software. This software is totally free of charge if you download it from the company’s website. The software will allow you to input all personal data of your child’s eating habits, insulin delivery schedules with dosages, exercise schedules on weekdays, weekends and even vacations along with the blood glucose target ranges. The software will also process the child’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc. Based on this data, the software will then display if your child’s blood sugar will stay within the permissible limits in an easy-to-understand chart form.

The software will also suggest if you need to make suitable changes in your child’s diet or insulin dosages so that the sugar levels remain within the target range. Unlike a manual system, which might only allow you to input all the data, this software will display results based on that personalized data and suggest changes that need to be done to maintain the blood glucose levels at optimum levels. This educational software could be a boon for parents with diabetic children since it will provide a helping hand by pointing out areas that require immediate attention to get their child’s blood sugar levels within tolerable levels.

Although a lot of books and other educational airticles are available for parents, this educational software is truly wonderful since it offers reliability and its processing ability surpasses all other modes of help. It offers results in easy-to-read pie charts and graphs. It can also be connected to Lifescan’s blood glucose meters with the appropriate data cable that can be ordered from the company’s website. However, along with the software and the right diet you should also encourage your child to play outdoor games such as baskeball, baseball, etc. Your child should also be allowed to attend camps for diabetic children since all these activities will instill confidence and increase the child’s self-esteem. In addition to monitoring your child’s eating and exercise habits remember to also provide your child with the right liquids so that he or she remains hydrated at all times.

So, use science to improve your child’s health. The free educational software for children with diabetes from Lifescan is just one more way for the company to fulfill its commitment to improve the health of children all over the globe and you too should download this beneficial program. Instead of counting calories and calculating blood sugar levels yourself, let the software do the calculations and help you out.

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