a worrying increase in the number of people with type II diabetes in children

Most diabetic children are usually afflicted with type I diabetes, which basically is a faulty immune system that ends up damaging the pancreas where insulin producing cells reside. Such children might require continuous monitoring of their blood sugar levels along with regular doses of insulin throughout their life. However, a worrying new trend is the emergence of type II diabetes in children, which until a decade ago used to be thought to only occur in adults. This worrying increase in the number of people with type II diabetes in children had doctors scurrying to find out the causes and remedies that could avoid getting the disease in the first place.

Children all over the world now have access to lots of junk food, electronic gadgets that offer untold conveniences and various forms of entertainment that enable them to enjoy themselves with only the push of a button or a click of a mouse. This has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle filled with sugary and high carbohydrate food while sitting in front of the TV or computer. As a result many children are getting obese by the minute. This puts a high load on their digestive system and as a result, sometimes results in their body becoming insulin absorbent resistant, thus leading to type II diabetes.

Once, however, if the symptoms have been identified, then the only recourse is to start treatment. Along with that, a lot of emphasis also has to be placed on the right diet and right amount of exercise for the child. This will prevent or delay the long term side effects of diabetes, which normally affects the kidneys, vision and nerves in the long term. Parents will need to ensure that the child is fed only green and healthy food with the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The child should also be adequately hydrated. A regular regimen of exercise too will be required. Parents should ensure that their children attend camps with other diabetic children and also enjoy sports such as baskeball and baseball among others. The child will develop self-confidence and will feel happy and normal if he or she is allowed to engage in any outdoor physical activity.

Depending on their condition, the doctor might only suggest medicines or might even recommend insulin injections. There will also be continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels required. A group company of Johnson & Johnson, Lifescan provides a fabulous range of blood testing meters along with lancing devices and insulin pumps. The company website also offers 1000 recipes for diabetics and a software program to calculate the required insulin for each individual totally free of charge. Parents can check out the company website where they might also find a host of other educational airticles. The child too will realize that mini lessons can prove to be very helpful in tackling diabetes head on. The child should also be encouraged to read books on type II diabetes to stay in control.

Thus, although there is a worrying increase in the number of people with type II diabetes in children, a little care, a sensible diet, constant monitoring and the right equipment might just help the child to blossom into a healthy adult.

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