type 2 diabetes diet health pyramid

diabetes is one life threatening disease that can be controlled with the help of a healthy diet. Food has the power to heal as well as destroy our body. Honestly speaking all the food groups is healthy and good when eaten in the right proportions. A balanced diet for diabetes should aim at maintaining blood sugar levels. Over eating or indulging in wrong foods can lead to serious problems in the future. With the help of right food, exercise and medical assistance, you can certainly fight diabetes and lead a normal life.

People who are obese are more likely to develop type II diabetes and thus one needs to choose food that will not only help them maintain sugar levels but also reduce the excess pounds. Every human is different and so are his/her body needs. You need to follow a diet that best works on your body and helps you stay in the pink of your health. Type II diabetes being a permanent condition, one has to follow a strict diet to ensure good health. A health pyramid proves beneficial when it comes to planning your meals.

Here is what a diabetes type II diet pyramid should include.

You need plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to fight diabetes. Vegetables and fruits have plenty of vital nutrients and vitamins that help curb the disease. Vegetables also contain complex carbohydrates that are healthy for a diabetic person. Complex carbohydrates get converted into starch and help normalize the blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates should be included as per the requirement of your body. The pyramid shows that complex carbohydrates are the basic and most important nutrient that the body needs. These can be found in grains, beans, vegetables, milk, bread, and starch food items.

The next important level in a diabetes type II diet health pyramid is vegetables and fruits. As I have mentioned earlier that fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, one should have them daily in their diet. Minimum 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits should be an essential part of your diabetic diet. The servings of these will differ from person to person. Milk and dairy products are equally important in a diabetic diet. Skimmed milk is a good substitute along with some low fat cheese, sour cream and yoghurt. All these dairy products contain vital nutrients necessary for the development of the body.

Apart from dairy; poultry and meat are equally essential food items included in the diabetes healthy food pyramid. Chicken is rich in proteins and one must have small servings of the same. Chicken and turkey breast are good enough to be added in a tasty yet healthy vegetable salad. Fish and eggs are not only good for your body but also your mind, thus do include it in your diabetic diet. Nuts, herbal tea, and coffee are good for snacks. Sweets should be taken in low quantity. People with a sweet tooth should go for sweets prepared with artificial sweeteners. Sugar substitutes contain zero calories and are thus harmless to your body.

Alcohol and junk food is best avoided or eaten in low quantity at times. Following the diabetes type II diet healthy pyramid will help you lead a normal and healthy life.

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