type 2 diabetes diet and a health plan

diabetes has been sending shivers down the spine of millions of people around the globe. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be very traumatic and depressing. Most people fail to accept the disease and thus delay in taking the proper measures to curb the disease. The sooner you accept the fact, the faster you can act on it. Although diabetes can not be cured, it certainly can be controlled with the help of balanced and proper diet. A balanced diet for diabetics should aim at controlling the blood sugar levels and manage the weight. Accurate diagnosis will help you learn more about the body requirements that will help in meal planning.

Meal planning plays an important role in diabetes diet health plan. A diabetic person needs to eat small meals at short intervals. Include at least 4 to 6 meals in a day. Every food item is good and when consumed in right proportion can prove beneficial. Depending upon the number of calories your body requires, you will have to plan your daily meals. Make sure you cut down on alcohol and illicit drugs if any. Junk, fried and oily food is best eliminated from a diabetic diet. A normal diabetes diet consists of 50 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent proteins and 20 to 30 percent of fats. However, the ratio can vary from person to person.

A diabetic diet should be low in carbohydrates. Include more of complex carbohydrates in your diet. Simple carbohydrate gets converted into sugar that can prove harmful for a diabetic. Complex carbohydrates get converted into starch and are thus beneficial. Complex carbohydrates are found in whole grains, wheat, milk, vegetables, beans, legumes, and lentils. Fruits should also be served in a diabetic diet. 2 to 3 servings of fresh fruits are healthy and good. Nuts are also a healthy option to munch on for snacks. Walnuts can lower the cholesterol and thus have them in plenty to control the risk of heart stroke, especially if you are obese.

A delicious salad can be made out of cucumber, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, and small pieces of chicken or turkey breast. A vegetable sandwich or soup is good way of having vegetables in your daily diabetic meals. Fish, eggs, skimmed milk, yoghurt, sour cream, and berries are some healthy food options that can be included in a diabetic diet. People with a sweet tooth can indulge in home made cakes and pies. Sweets should be made of artificial sweeteners with zero calories. When preparing cakes make sure you use healthy ingredients.

It is best to consult your doctor before following any diabetic diet. Trying out same diet that your colleague or relative is following can prove fatal. Everyone’s body is different and so is the body’s requirement. Thus understand your body’s needs and then follow a diet. A good understanding about various food groups will help you to plan variety of meals daily.

Diabetes is a disease that can be managed only with the help of good diet. Do not miss out on your meals and combine them with exercise and medication to yield good results.

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