healthy heart diets for diabetes

the occurrence of diabetes does show signs and symptoms that are often overlooked. Negligence to this dreadful disease can cost you your life and thus timely precautions are necessary. Diabetes is known to affect every organ of your body causing fatal illness in the near future. Diabetes triggers abnormal blood sugar levels causing disruption in the body. Diabetes can further lead to heart stokes and other diseases. Thus, one needs to follow a good diet to eliminate the risk of heart stokes and other serious diseases.

Diabetes is a life long disease that can be controlled only with the help of balanced and healthy diet. When planning a diabetic diet, care must be taken that the food chosen is healthy for your heart as well. The rise in blood sugar levels can lead to rise or drop in blood pressure causing strain on the heart. The food that you choose in a diabetic diet should be able to maintain the blood sugar levels and protect you from other illnesses. A proper diagnosis of your disease will help you plan right meals.

A diabetic person needs to have small meals at short intervals. Choose food that is low on carbohydrates and always include complex carbohydrates in your diet. Complex carbohydrates get converted into starch and are thus healthy. Complex carbohydrates are found in vegetables beans, lentils, whole grains, milk, nuts and legumes. Walnuts have the ingredients that can lower the cholesterol and thus makes a healthy diabetic diet. It also contains anti oxidants which are good to fight other diseases. Saturated and trans fats should be eliminated from your diet. Fish oil is good for heart as it contains omega acid.

A healthy heart and diabetic diet should also include lots of fish and eggs. They are rich in proteins and are light on heart. When serving chicken or turkey make sure you include only small pieces of breast which is without fats. Serving of fresh fruits is a must in a diabetic diet. Cholesterol intake should be restricted up to 200 mg a day. Vegetables are important and should be included in a diabetic diet. They are good source of vitamins and essential nutrients. Vegetables can be cooked in various styles to make a delicious yet healthy meal.

Skimmed milk, nuts, sour cream, yoghurt and herbal tea or coffee are some important items to be included in a diabetic diet. A bowl of whole wheat pasta is good to binge on. Always have brown bread made of wheat. Small amount of margarine and peanut butter is good. Use sugar free fruit jam with bread. Depending upon your health, age and gender you would need certain amount of calories daily. When planning your meals make sure it meets the expected calorie requirements and helps in maintaining proper blood sugar levels

Apart from following healthy heart diets, one also needs to give up smoking and alcohol as it can only worsen the problem. Combine healthy diets with exercise to yield maximum results.

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