with atkins diet low blood sugar would need to be monitored

With people trying on various types of diets in their bid to lose weight, different dieticians have varied views on which diet could be best for you. A controversial diet that many claim actually works is the atkins diet, which lays stress on consuming low levels of carbohydrates along with high levels of fats and proteins. The logic behind is that is that carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels upon consumption. However, with atkins diet low blood sugar would need to be monitored in a continuous manner so that you do not end up with extremely low sugar levels.

Many experts claim that carbohydrates get converted into sugars rapidly upon consumption and can spike blood sugar levels. Once you feel hungry again, these levels drop dramatically and it is this yo-yo of blood sugar levels that could cause complications in your diabetes. On the other hand, a low carb diet like atkins could ensure that blood sugar levels do not spike. The foods preferred in atkins diet too are quite controversial since they include steak, fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables that do not contain high levels of starch. The diet also dissuades you from eating breads, sugary foods, grains, pasta, beans and vegetables that contain starch.

The reason behind the foods allowed in this diet is that since you would be eating foods rich in proteins and fats, your digestive system might take a long time to process them and hence you would not suffer from hunger pangs. By limiting the intake of carbohydrates in your body, you would also raise your body’s metabolism, which would start burning your existing fat in your body to provide energy to you. This would result in rapid weight loss. Blood sugar levels would also remain in control since there would be hardly any carbohydrates to spike them up. Nevertheless, many experts argue that since this diet induces a state of ketosis in the body, which ends up burning fat artificially, it could damage vital organs such as kidneys and the heart in the long run. Diabetics already have to watch their vital organs for any long-term damage and this could only accelerate the process.

The American Diabetes Association too recommends a diabetic diet that consists of around 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins, which actually is quite different from the atkins diet. Hence, you should consult your dietician before starting on any new diet. Your main aim should be to remain healthy without any risks attached. An ideal recipe would help you to reduce your calorie intake and reduce your weight in a gradual manner. An exercise routine should also be initiated with any diet of your choice. In the atkins diet, your blood sugar levels might come down and hence you would need to constantly monitor them to ensure that you do not end up in a state of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar since it could prove to be quite dangerous.

Even though there are different views on the atkins diet, you can proceed on such a diet after confirming it with your dietician. Any diet in a controlled environment will warn you of approaching danger quickly. With atkins diet low blood sugar would need to be monitored constantly since the diet carries a low carb input. Take some time to study the pros and cons before you start out on any diabetic diet.

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