understand the low carb diet effect on blood sugar

If you are diabetic then it is important for you to keep a watch on your carbohydrate and total calorie intake since an excess of both these factors could contribute inversely to your diabetic condition. Before embarking on any dieting spree, it would be better to understand the low carb diet effect on blood sugar so that you can stay in control of this disease.

While you would also be required to control your fat, protein and sugar intake, you will need to be particularly aware of your carbohydrate count since carbohydrates get transformed into sugar within a couple of hours of consumption and could spike up your blood sugar levels. The problem is further compounded since once you start feeling hungry before your next meal, you could witness a fall in your blood sugar levels. This continuous yo-yo effect on your blood glucose levels could lead to complications in future and it might become quite risky to skip even a single meal.

Most diets are usually based on the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association that favors a diet containing around 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 30% fats. Since a single meal in such a diet could end up raising your blood sugar levels significantly, you would need to space out your carbohydrate intake into several smaller meals over the course of a single day. You would also need to maintain a calorie count to stay within the permitted limits. Along with that, you would also be required to maintain a strict insulin monitoring and delivery system to stay within the permissible limits.

On the other hand, diets such as the atkins diet have a totally different approach in controlling blood sugar levels in a natural manner to a large extent. This diet will encourage you to consume foods that contain very low levels of carbohydrates and higher levels of fat and protein. Such a diet will have an immediate effect on your body since it will activate a state of ketosis within your body through which your accumulated fat will start burning off. Since there will hardly be any carbohydrates in your diet, your blood sugar levels will remain low even after you consume a larger meal. The high fat content in your diet will retain a feeling of fullness and prevent you from suffering from hunger pangs while the high protein content will provide you with additional energy to pursue any exercise program of your choice.

Hence, you can be assured of an attack on diabetes from various fronts. Such a diet will help you to shed your accumulated fat at a faster rate, increase your energy levels and suppress any hunger pangs, thus enabling you to eat fewer meals in a single day instead of eating many mini-meals. However, any diet including a low carbohydrate one should be approved by your doctor and dietician since a successful diet would largely depend on your weight, physical condition, age, sex and diabetic status.

A low carb diet offers many advantages and can help you to remain healthy, fresh and active while also ensuring controlled low blood sugar levels at all times. Once you do understand the low carb diet effect on blood sugar then all you need to do is to get started on the correct diet and supplement it with adequate exercise and regular blood sugar monitoring.

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