to regulate blood sugar diabetic diet is a must

Diabetic people will know that the most significant thing that they have to ensure to enjoy a healthy life is to maintain their blood sugar levels. Maintenance of sugar level slows down the progression of the disease and prevents other complications. This can be achieved by having a proper diabetic diet. Although it may sound difficult but it is very easy to find the food and recipes which can help lower blood sugar.

For diabetic diets lots of sweeteners are available with which you can prepare sugar free dishes that will help you in your objective of consuming diabetic-friendly snacks such as pastries, cakes and desserts. Artificial sweeteners can also be used in other recipes that will further help in lowering the blood sugar. Brown sugar is a good alternative as it contains essential vitamins and minerals. Sweetener such as Splenda is a very popular brand which is ideal for beverages, baking and making sauces. For diabetics it is ideal since it is made of sucralose which is a form of sugar and yet not recognized by the body as source of energy or as a carbohydrate. Another such substance is Saccharin which is considered hundred times sweeter than sugar. However, it is not suitable for baking and for drinks as its aftertaste is not pleasant.

It sure is difficult and time consuming to keep a diet that is in line with the strict requirements of diabetes, but at the same time it is a vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The American Diabetic Association has under its food exchange program several cake recipes with complete nutritional breakup of each recipe. Some of the delicious recipes include applesauce cake, chocolate sponge cake, banana nut cake and chocolate oat bran cake. Diabetics can use this information to make delicious snacks to munch on whenever hungry..

Diabetic diets do not eliminate or severely restrict carbohydrates as they are an important constituent of any diet. However, you will add a lot of extra calories by eating the wrong snacks in your daily intake of food. To inject extra energy when you are feeling hunger pangs you may have healthy snacks that are now easily available. When struck by hunger suddenly it is recommended that you avoid consuming whatever is available at hand and instead “eat with your head and not with your eyes”.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for everyone whether suffering from diabetes or not, however, people with diabetes need to be extra mindful of this. To start a diabetic’s diet, you will need to have a thorough understanding of fats, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. It is important to note that most sugar-free foodstuffs still contain carbohydrates. This often leads diabetics to over eat such foods; carbohydrates in such foods get converted to sugar in the body and thus result in high blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates can be traced in anything that contains sugar or starch.

If you are overweight the risk of developing diabetes increases manifold. Diabetics should avoid restaurant menus especially if they are trying minimize or prevent weight gain. Those not suffering from diabetes are also at risk as restaurant menus are a perfect recipe for flab and early onset of diabetes. Restaurant menus are extremely rich in calories and are generally served in large portions.

Glycemic index is a new way to keep a check on the carbohydrate content in foods. According to recent studies it has been proved that fluctuations in blood sugar levels can be triggered even by foods with the same carbohydrate content. Therefore a system has been developed by diabetes researchers for measuring the glycemic index of foods. This system suggests that healthy carbohydrates are those with a low glycemic index. This system has taken the exchange diet to an altogether new level as the information helps to establish a diabetic food list to normalize the blood sugar level.

Armed with all the necessary information diabetics can now design their very own low blood sugar diabetic diet.

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