to maintain low blood sugar atkins diet is the magical recipe

Your diabetic condition would require you to continuously check your blood sugar levels to ensure that it remains within the narrow controlled band. This could prove to be quite difficult since blood sugar levels tend to fluctuate before and after each meal. In such a situation, to maintain low blood sugar atkins diet is the magical recipe that could offer low sugar levels and high levels of energy at the same time.

Diabetics are usually told to get the diabetic food pyramid guide and adhere to a diet that is quite rich in carbohydrates. In fact, the American Diabetes Association recommends a diabetic diet that consists of around 45 to 60% carbohydrates while the rest is made up of fat and protein. The standard food pyramid guide thus lays greater stress on eating foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates such as grains, cereals, pastas, whole wheat breads, most vegetables, and moderate servings of foods that contain fat, and protein such as white and other lean meats, milk and milk products, fruits, etc. The daily calorie count too is quite important in such diets.

While such a diet is quite healthy on one hand, on the other it also has a negative quality since carbohydrates get converted into blood sugar quite quickly and you would require either additional doses of insulin or spread out your carbohydrate-rich servings into mini meals spread out throughout the day or both, to negate this effect. You might also be left with hunger cravings before the next meal is due and if you do miss a meal then this could result in hypoglycemia where your blood sugar levels might spiral out of control in a downward direction.

Another alternative diet that has its own set of believers and non-believers is the low carbohydrate diet known as the atlkins diet. This diet will allow you to eat foods that contain extremely low levels of carbohydrates and which contain moderate to high levels of protein and fat. Hence, such a diet could enable you to reduce the number of meals that you partake in a day since the extra protein and fat in your diet would ensure that your body remains satisfied and spares you from any hunger pangs. The high protein in your diet will also result in instant energy and you will be able to exercise much more efficiently, which incidentally is mandatory irrespective of the diet that you follow. Since there will hardly be any troublesome carbohydrates in your diet to get converted into sugar, you will also notice a negligible rise in blood sugar levels after each meal.

The atkins diet would hence help you to remain energetic, alleviate your hunger pangs and maintain a low blood sugar count at all times. This diet would allow you to eat only non-starchy vegetables, eggs, white meat and other poultry, beef, pork and other lean meats, milk and soy products and fish while disallowing starchy vegetables, fruits, all forms of bread or other products containing white flour and refined sugar, and cereals. However, before you get started on any diet, it is strictly recommended that you consult your doctor and dietician.

Hence, the atkins diet can prove to be a big help in your fight against high blood sugar levels. It can help burn away fat at a faster rate, which will result in quick weight loss while perking up your energy levels. In addition, to maintain low blood sugar atkins diet is the magical recipe that can help you to regain control from the disease.

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