to maintain ideal levels of blood sugar diet is mandatory

If you have diabetes, then all is not lost since a healthy diet could help you to fight this disease and could help you control your blood sugar levels naturally, especially if you have been afflicted with type ii diabetes. Moderation is the key word in any diet and to maintain ideal levels of blood sugar diet is mandatory.

There are various diets floating around in the diabetic world and it could become quite confusing for you to choose one. Your dietician could be the right person to guide you forward and your diet would normally be decided on the basis of your current diabetic status, your weight, sex, physical activity on any normal day and any exercise regimen that you might have started or planned to start. All these factors can affect blood sugar levels and you will need to monitor your blood sugar levels in a continuous manner to ensure that your levels remain at the correct levels.

The American Diabetes Association recommends a diet that consists of almost 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins spread out in smaller servings throughout the day. Thus, you can safely eat vegetables, grains, cereals, whole wheat bread, white meat, lean red meat, milk and milk products in varying quantities throughout the day while keeping a strict eye on the carbohydrates and calories consumed. But carbohydrates have a habit of raising blood sugar levels after consumption and this has led other diets such as atkins diet come into the picture with their low carb diets.

The atkins diet encourages rapid weight loss by limiting the intake of carbohydrates in favor of increased fat and protein content. Hence, this diet encourages diabetics to eat eggs, meat, fish, and non-starchy vegetables while avoiding fruits, sugary foods that contain sugar or honey, starchy vegetables, grains, and bread. This diet speeds up your body’s metabolism and induces a state of ketosis that burns off your body fat at an increased pace. Low carbohydrates also ensure lower blood sugar levels, hence helping these levels to remain within controlled limits. However, if not monitored adequately, your blood sugar levels could slip into dangerously low levels, leading to a state of hypoglycemia, which is quite risky.

Although dieting is mandatory for any diabetic, you should ensure that you are monitored by proper blood glucose testing meters regularly and each recipe is approved by your dietician. An effective exercise routine is also necessary to burn off excess fat and build up muscle. These factors are good enough to control blood sugar levels to a certain extent. The key is to remain healthy and ensure that your body receives all the vital nutrients and vitamins needed for your body to function efficiently. Any diet that manages to do all the above is an ideal diet for you.

Hence, an ideal diet, an exercise routine suited for your body, an experienced dietician and an extensive blood sugar testing routine are the necessary requirements for long term safe health. So, although to maintain ideal levels of blood sugar diet is mandatory, the other factors too play an important role in helping you to remain safe from fluctuating sugar levels.

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