to lower high blood sugar diet with low carbohydrates is helpful

If you suffer from diabetes and need to constantly take medications including insulin to lower your high blood sugar levels then there are certain low carbohydrate diets that could help you lower your blood sugar levels. Such a diet could lower your dependence on medications or even completely free you from taking them, especially if you suffer from type ii diabetes. To lower high blood sugar diet with low carbohydrates is helpful and you can also adhere to such a diet for your lifetime.

While most diabetic diets recommend that you consume around 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 30% fats, they end up solving one problem while creating another. Since carbohydrates get converted to blood sugar rapidly upon entering your system, you will usually end up with high blood sugar levels after each meal or snack. You would hence need to strictly monitor your carbohydrate and calorie intake before each meal and ensure that your carbohydrates are well spread out throughout the day. This would result in eating several smaller meals and snacks in a day, which might be a bit difficult if you cannot manage to take the time out to eat frequently. High blood sugar levels after each meal might also result in an unwanted addition in your insulin dosage, while waiting too long before the next meal could result in low blood sugar levels. This fluctuation would not be desirable for your diabetic condition in the short and long run.

This has led to several people trying out low carbohydrate diets such as atkins or zone. These diets advocate a low carbohydrate diet that is quite rich in protein and fat. The atkins diet is made up of four stages known as Induction, Ongoing weight loss, Pre-maintenance and Lifetime maintenance. Although this diet starts out with several restrictions that are meant to activate a state of ketosis in your body, it slowly relaxes those restrictions in the other stages. Ketosis is activated due to a sudden drop in carbohydrates and this enables the body to burn up the resident fat in your body as well as water. This results in rapid weight loss. Since carb levels are extremely low, your body’s blood sugar levels remain low. On the other hand, since your body would take a longer time to digest the fat and protein content in your diet, you would also remain free of any hunger pangs that afflict most people in other diets.

The atkins diet that you might start would require you to eat low carb foods such as eggs, poultry, pork, beef, fish, low-starch vegetables, cheese and low quantities of tea or coffee. This diet would also compel you to avoid most fruits, starchy vegetables, bread, cakes, and other sugary foods that might contain refined flour and sugar. You would also be required to drink around eight glasses of water per day. If you do get bored then you could still drink carbonated water that does not contain sugar or calories. With any diet, a matching exercise program is a must as is a continuous blood sugar monitoring program since your blood sugar levels might come down quite quickly once you start the diet.

Hence, if you are plagued by high blood sugar levels and also need to lose weight and become fit again, then to lower high blood sugar diet with low carbohydrates is helpful and such a diet can also be sustained over a long period of time.

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