to control your blood sugar low carb diet could be the best

Most diabetics have trouble in controlling their weight and blood sugar levels and any diet usually fails after a short time since it manages to solve only a part of their problem. If you are facing a similar predicament then to control your blood sugar low carb diet could be the best bet since it could also help you to reduce your weight at a faster rate.

Your diabetic condition would surely compel your doctor to advise you to shift to a healthy diet that could decrease your weight and keep you free from any complications that could damage your feet, kidneys, heart, etc, which incidentally is a long-term effect of living with diabetes. However, the problem lies in identifying the right diet for your body. A normal diet could consist of high levels of carbohydrates along with medium to low levels of fat and protein. Such a diet could pose a problem due to the fact that carbs get converted to sugar on entering your body and you might require additional insulin to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking up. You would also need to eat smaller servings to spread out your intake of carbs throughout the day. Such a diet would involve eating moderate quantities of vegetables, fruits, poultry, grains, cereals, beans, legumes and milk along with milk products.

In order to solve the problems associated with high carb intake, other diets such as atkins diet and zone diet, among others advocate a low-carb diet that is rich in fat and protein. The logic behind such diets is that low carbohydrates do not spike up blood sugar levels, thus maintaining their low levels naturally. A low carbohydrate intake also induces ketosis, which essentially starts a process that starts burning the fat stored in your body. This translates into rapid weight loss although some of this fat could be replenished by your diet. Since such a diet contains foods rich in fat and protein, it will also prevent hunger pangs, which is usually the root cause of people leaving their diets mid-way. Such a low carb diet would encourage you to eat more of white and lean red meats, eggs, fish, milk and milk products and vegetables that do not contain high levels of starch. This diet would also discourage you from eating most fruits, bread, sugary foods such as cakes, donuts, etc, beans and pastas.

The effect of eating a low carb diet would be visible quite fast since this would lead to your body burning fat and water as your body would enter into a state of ketosis. Your low carb diet would also reduce the number of calories entering your body and the high protein present in most foods would increase your energy levels. A proper exercise routine would be a mandatory addition to all diets including such a low carb diet since it would help you to retain and build muscles. Your insulin requirement could also drop down due to the lowering of your blood sugar levels and a continuous monitoring program will help you maintain your blood sugar levels in a controlled manner.

Hence, even though to control your blood sugar low carb diet could be the best diet, your dietician could be the best judge in deciding whether your body is suited for such a diet. Remember to include an exercise program and an insulin monitoring program to complement any diet.

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