to control high blood sugar diets are a must

Your diabetic condition could result in continuing high blood sugar levels and your doctor might have put you up on medications including insulin to enable you to stay in control. However continuous high levels of blood sugar could prove to be disastrous for your vital organs over a passage of time. Thus, to control high blood sugar diets are a must and the right diet could be an ideal recipe for good health.

While there is no perfect diet that could help you to get fit immediately, there are various correct diets that might be suitable for your body and diabetic condition and could help you reach your goals within a short time. However, they all need to be verified by your doctor and dietician before you plan to shift to it. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people follow a diabetic diet that consists of approximately 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins. Such high carbohydrate diets would allow you to eat most vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, whole wheat bread and other grains, white meat and other lean meats, milk and milk products and small portions of foods that contain fat.

The high levels of carbohydrates in your food would convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours, thus raising your blood glucose levels. This could pose a problem since you would need to split your food intake into smaller meals spread throughout the day. Missing one meal or snack would also result in hunger pangs and falling blood sugar levels known as hypoglycemia which could cause further problems.

Another thought process has enabled certain people to come up with a low carbohydrate diet. Zone diet and atkins diet are examples that explain how you could lose weight in a continuous process while also getting your blood sugar levels within controllable limits. Atkins diet starts off with strict restrictions on carbohydrate input to induce a state of ketosis in your body, which results in the burning of water and fat that is present in your body. Low carbohydrate levels also ensure that your blood sugar levels do not spike up after each meal and hence you remain in complete control after each meal.

While dieting on an atkins diet, you would be allowed to consume poultry, pork, beef, eggs, fish, low-starch vegetables and cheese. You would need to avoid all types of breads, grains, cereals, most fruits and all foods that contain refined sugar and white flour. Following such a diet could result in faster weight loss with an absence of hunger pangs as your body would be satisfied with your high protein and fat foods well until your next meal. The two-pronged advantage of this diet would result in weight reduction as well as blood sugar regulation. However, you should definitely consult your doctor and dietician before you plan to step into any diet.

Hence, you will need to carefully consider all the available facts before you decide on starting a high or low carb diet. Your body will respond positively to any diet if your doctor and dietician hook you up with one after carefully studying your physical and diabetic condition. You should also exercise regularly irrespective of the type of diet that you start since this will also help you to fight diabetes naturally. To control high blood sugar diets are a must and you should definitely start begin one after careful scrutiny of all the available options.

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