the unique ‘sip in technology’ of ascensia elite xl glucometers

The Ascensia Elite xl glucometer was earlier known as the Bayer Glucometer Elite XL. Bayer launched it in the market following its earlier model Bayer Glucometer Elite. People find ascensia elite xl glucometers highly convenient to the use as they carry out blood glucose tests without the need to use any buttons or switches. The meter is automatically switched on as soon as the test strip is inserted in its slot. Also, only the smallest drop of blood is required to test the blood sugar level of a patient. Ascensia elite xl blood glucose test strips use just about 2 micro liters of blood for the test drawing by using ‘sip in sampling’ technology and provide quick, accurate results. These are uniquely manufactured testing strips to draw in a precise amount of blood and offer complete safety in handling. You do not have to worry about spoiling the strip if you accidentally happen to touch the strip. Each strip is separately foil wrapped to keep it fresh allowing you to carry them easily.

The Ascencia Elite xl glucometer is able to give 14 day average values of blood sugar level results along with the date and time of every test. The glucometer saves test related information up to a maximum of 120 tests with the relevant dates and times to let you keep track of true values of your blood glucose tests conducted over time. You can view this information just by pressing a single button on the glucometer. You can also download this information on to your computer if you want to. For this you need to use the WinGlucofacts diabetes management software that you can download free from the company’s website. The glucometer has a data port for connecting one end of the data cable. The other end of the cable is connected to the usb port of your computer.

It is important to ensure that the calibration of your Ascensia elite xl glucometer is proper otherwise results obtained will be inaccurate. The control solution should be used monthly to find out whether the results given by the glucometer are in the acceptable range. It is also necessary to use the control solution when beginning to test with a new vial of test strips and after changing batteries or when you suspect that the meter is malfunctioning.

To perform the control test a drop of the control solution is applied to a test strip instead of a drop of blood. The result obtained on the glucometer is then compared with the control range that can be found printed on the side of the vial. It you find that the results are out of the range mentioned on the vial you should immediately call the manufacturer.
People who have used the Ascensia glucometer have found it to provide very satisfactory service even under repeated use every day. Handling the glucometer is easy with the day and time display also very easy to read. It comes with a sturdy Microlet lancing device and is supplied in a strong black case. The glucometer can sustain rough handling and repair problems are rare. It operates on two 3-volt Lithium batteries.

This a good device for diabetics who are intent on controlling their blood sugar levels.

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