set off on a healthy diet to control low blood sugar

Diabetes causes patients to not only watch out for high blood sugar levels but also keep an eye out for low levels too. Both extremes could be bad for health as many vital organs could experience problems in the long run. If you are diabetic then you definitely need to watch out on both levels and you could even set off on a healthy diet to control low blood sugar.

If you have a tendency to frequently slip into a hypoglycemic state, which is a low sugar level state, then you need to be alert to its symptoms and treatment since you would not have much time to deal with it. You could suffer from trembling, blurred vision, confusion and even break out into a cold sweat if there is a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels. In such a case, you should immediately take the required medication or eat foods that contain moderate levels of sugar. While some people prefer fizzy carbonated sodas, others prefer candies or even cheese. However, it would be better to ask your doctor on the right foods to consume since concentrated levels of sugar might not work for you.

On the other hand, if your blood sugar levels remain constantly in a hyperglycemic or high state, then you would need to control it with adequate doses of insulin. You could also shift to a diet that is low on carbohydrates and moderately high on fat and protein. Diets such as atkins diet and zone diet are examples that recommend low carb foods. By following these diets, you can lower your fat levels and also control your hunger pangs since the fat and protein content in these foods will provide a feeling of fullness. Your weight could come down rapidly and your sugar levels too will remain at lower levels since you will hardly be consuming any calories.

If your sugar levels tend to remain on the lower side or in a hypoglycemic state then a diet that contains around 50% of your total requirement along with 30% fat and 20% protein could be useful. Such a diet is also recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Since carbohydrates get converted into sugar very rapidly, such a diet would raise your blood sugar within one to two hours after consumption of food. Hence, if you constantly slip into hypoglycemia then such a diet could be suitable for you, provided you spread your carbohydrate intake into many small servings spread over the day. This will retain your higher blood sugar levels in a controlled manner and maintain it within the correct limits. You can make your own recipe from several recommended foods such as most fruits, vegetables, white and lean meats, milk, and milk products. Remember to consult your doctor and your dietician before you start off on any diet that could affect your blood sugar levels. An exercise program that includes walking, jogging, swimming, etc should also be initiated with any diet so that your body’s metabolism remains high and this combination will ensure good health for a very long time.

Hence, there are various diets that can have an adverse effect on your blood sugar levels if adequate care is not taken before starting them. Understanding the benefits and consequences of each diet before starting off would be a good and healthy move on your part. So, set off on a healthy diet to control low blood sugar and remain safe from any ill-effects of diabetes.

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