printable blood glucose logs are easy to use and print as and when required

Blood glucose monitoring forms a major part of your blood glucose control program. If you are a diabetes patient it becomes very important to plan and regularly undertake checks for your blood sugar levels using self-monitoring or home monitoring kits available. A highly useful and effective part of management is to keep a daily record or log of blood sugar levels, food intake, insulin or medications, exercise, etc. If you write your results in a chart or log, it can help in understanding the real status for the period. You understand and analyze what the trends say with some help from your healthcare provider so that you can take necessary measure to stop anything adverse and continue with things that are helping. If you do not want to buy a paper book you can find many free and printable blood glucose logs available on the internet.

Features of Printable blood glucose logs

Depending on the type of your treatment the doctor may advice you to check your blood sugar once every few days or multiple times a day. However, if your treatment plan is based only on diet, and your blood sugar is under control, you maybe required to check blood glucose level once a day or few times a week. In case, your blood glucose levels are not well controlled and you are on medications or taking insulin you may need to check levels multiple times a day. In such situations the doctor can guide you on monitoring and log book maintenance that is specific for you.

There are simple as well as complex log books. You can either buy some software or get one downloaded from the internet. There are some which can be maintained online and even emailed to the doctors. There are versions which are printable blood glucose logs which make it easier to print them as and when needed if you have downloaded it on your computer. You never really run out of logs with these printable logs at hand.

The log books contain sheets for daily record of your blood glucose readings. There is space provided to write down your glucose levels. You can note down details such as, date and time of the test conducted, blood glucose levels, exercise, type and duration, type of food and its accurate quantity (e.g. carbohydrate and protein content) etc. If you are taking insulin then you can record frequency, dosage of insulin or any medication for diabetes. If you are suffering from some other ailments the medication you are taking for it can also be noted. This will help in determining if they are affecting your glucose levels and thus, can be changed. You may even note the time when you were stressed, like in an argument, to know its effect on the blood glucose levels. If you note down any new or odd symptoms that you have noticed during the period it can be construed as warning signals of high or low glucose levels. This will help you to be alert and take appropriate measures.

Printable blood glucose logs make it easier to maintain records and carry them to the doctor on your next visit for reference. Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler you need to have just the printable version on your laptop or have a few prints taken and carried so that you manage to control sugar levels even in that period. Such logs are free and easy to use making them a great tool in your diabetes control program.

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