in diabetes 2 a blood sugar diet could lower dependence on insulin

Diabetics that suffer from type 2 diabetes could try out various diets that help lower their blood sugar levels in a natural manner. Although a fine balance is required to ensure the input of critical vitamins and other nutrients, in diabetes 2 a blood sugar diet could lower dependence on insulin and keep them healthy in the long run.

Type 2 diabetes requires regular doses of insulin in varying quantities depending on the condition of the diabetic. People with diabetes also need to shift to a healthy diet that ensures that they lose weight and maintain their status quo once they have managed to shake off those stubborn pounds. However, losing weight is not very easy, especially when diabetics also need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly while also entering into an intensive exercise routine.

Another problem is that most diets recommend diabetics to chew on foods that contain around 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 30% fats. While such a diet containing fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, meats and meat substitutes and a sprinkling of fat foods is quite healthy for most diabetics, if managed properly, it also raises blood sugar levels after each meal. The culprit here is carbohydrates that quickly change to sugar thus spiking up blood sugar levels, which again drop as diabetics experience hunger before their next meal.

On the other hand, low carb diets such as atkins and zone have a different approach that requires diabetics to shift to foods with low carb levels and high fat and protein levels. Such diets lay stress on consuming foods such as low-starch vegetables, beef, pork, turkey, eggs, fish, and cheese, while frowning upon items that contain high carbohydrates and refined sugar such as fruits, bread, cereals, and all items that contain white flour. This diet will attack both fat and blood sugar levels since low carbohydrate levels will prevent blood sugar levels from spiking after each meal and also induce ketosis, which basically goads the body into burning body fat at an increased rate. When combined with an efficient exercise routine, this diet can result in quick weight loss along with blood sugar levels coming down in a natural manner.

Diabetics will need to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels in such a diet since they might need to reduce their insulin medications or might even get lucky enough to stop them altogether. However, it is strongly recommended that diabetics start these diets under the supervision of their doctor and dietician. The correct foods will enable diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels in a continuous and controlled manner without any problem. Other diets such as the ‘Mediterranean’ type diets that encourage diabetics to consume fruits, vegetables, beans, pasta, nuts and lentils too are gaining ground for people that might find atkins or zone diets unsuitable for their body.

Hence, diabetics need to carefully access their physical and mental condition before getting on any diet since it is surely going to affect their blood sugar levels either in a positive or negative manner. The test for diabetics is to stick to their diet to reap the long-term benefits. Diabetics should give preference to diets that lower their blood sugar levels naturally since in diabetes 2 a blood sugar diet could lower dependence on insulin and help them to fight diabetes naturally.

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