importance of choosing a good diet for people with low blood sugar

People who suffer from low blood sugar have to choose a good diet, as control in diet and regular exercise keeps the blood sugar in check. People suffering from diabetes do have a lot of restrictions on the foods they eat but they can still enjoy all types of food within limits. In order to stay free of diabetes and to remain healthy one does have to follow a good diet. However, due to the availability of several diabetic diets it has really become easy and hassle free.

Diabetics following a diabetic menu can have a variety of nutrients in their diet by eating vegetables, fat free dairy products, whole grains, fruits, beans, lean meat and poultry. Diabetics should in fact opt for more of vegetables and fresh fruits instead of consuming the processed foods. It would be even better if they consume organic foods. Blood sugar levels can also be brought down if proteins such as lean meat and fish are consumed.

Diabetics sometimes consume sweet stuff when their blood sugar dips this invariably results in sugar level rising immediately and there is a possibility of it going too high. In some cases the blood sugar rise is followed by a sudden drop after an hour, making diabetics feel more uncomfortable than what they were feeling before consuming sweets. Very low sugar levels can be prevented by eating several small meals, containing proteins and complex carbohydrates, throughout the day. The best way to keep fit even if you are suffering from diabetes is to exercise regularly as this keeps sugar levels low. One can walk, ride a cycle, or run on a treadmill.

A diabetic has to be particular about the amount of calories and the type of food ingested in order to maintain blood sugar levels. While preparing a diabetic menu diet one needs to look at the food labels in order to ensure a good healthy 2000 calorie diet every day.

A routine 2000 calorie diabetic diet can have the following.

For breakfast sugar free skimmed milk, 2 slices whole wheat bread, fruit, or pasta, eggs and cup cakes. If diabetics are following the 1800 calorie diabetic diet program then one can consume skimmed milk, 2 slices of whole wheat bread and a small serving of fruits. In the afternoon one can take a cup of tea or coffee (unsweetened) and 2 or 3 biscuits or fresh fruits. A detailed diet plan can be prepared with the help of your personal care physician or a dietitian. People with low blood sugar must be extra careful and choose a good diet and also check their blood sugar levels regularly. They must also note down the figures and the quantity of carbohydrates consumed in a day. If these are maintained well then it is easier for the doctor to monitor and track how the patient’s body is responding to a given diet.

One must remember that diabetes is a manageable disease. People suffering from diabetes people can still lead absolutely normal lives without becoming prisoners or victims of rigid diets.

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