get hitched on diet controlled diabetes with continuous low blood sugar

If you are stuck with a life-long partner named diabetes, then you should take additional precautions to remain in control of the disease since things can quickly go bad due to fluctuating blood sugar levels. Even as you inject yourself with insulin or consume other medications, you might be dreaming of getting hitched on diet controlled diabetes with continuous low blood sugar, which could lessen or even eliminate your medications.

With traditional diets advocating a diet that is made up of almost 50% carbohydrates and the rest split into fats and proteins, it could become very difficult to contain blood sugar levels naturally. In fact, you might even have to increase your insulin dosage to compensate for this increase since carbohydrates speedily change into blood sugar on entering your body and could even spike up blood sugar levels if consumed in large quantities in one serving. Although you could split your carbohydrate intake into smaller servings and exercise more to control the spikes, you might still be left with wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels before and after every meal. Such diets would push you towards eating vegetables, fruits, white meats, fish, grains and cereals in moderate quantities while also keeping an eye on the total daily calorie count.

Conversely, other diets such as atkins and zone exhort people with diabetes to switch over to diets that contain very low levels of carbohydrates and moderate to high levels of fat and protein. Such a diet can induce a state of ketosis inside your body helping you burn the fat present in your body along with water at a rapid rate. This would help you in your weight loss program as well as lower your blood sugar levels due to the very low levels of carbohydrates in such a diet. You could also feel energized due to the high levels of protein in your diet helping you to exercise and also kill your in-between-meal hunger pangs since your body would take a long time to process the fat and protein in your foods. These diets would encourage you to eat eggs in omlette form, pork, beef, cheese, low-starch vegetables, fish and turkey while discouraging you from eating cereal, grains, fruits, high-starch vegetables, and all sugary foods made from white flour.

While many people advocate such a diet to swiftly lose weight and also maintain blood sugar levels at continuous low levels instead of the yo-yo effect of other diets, skeptics’ slam these low carb diets as a fad that restricts the amount of nutrients entering the body and warn of long term negative effects. Hence, while there is no instant recipe for good health, you can still study various diets and stick to the one that your body approves. However, a diet that enables you to lose weight as well as naturally keep blood sugar levels at a low level does seem to be an ideal diet.

Whatever your diet style, ensure that it is accompanied by a daily exercise schedule along with strict monitoring of blood sugar levels to remain in control. Any negative effect of the diet should be reported to your dietician and evasive actions should be taken immediately. Therefore you can certainly get hitched on diet controlled diabetes with continuous low blood sugar and enjoy a life with few or no medications at all.

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