free blood glucose logs are powerful tools for blood glucose level monitoring

Monitoring of blood glucose levels on a regular basis is a very important part of your efforts to control diabetes. Home monitoring blood glucose meters can be easily used to find the blood glucose levels. At the same time keeping a record of these readings can prove to be of more use and relevance. You can take the readings at different time of the day like before meals, after meals, before bedtime etc. These can be discussed with you doctor. It is always better to maintain a detailed log of the readings. You can have blood glucose logs in spiral bound notebooks or even find some software available on the internet to record it. The most popular ones are the free blood glucose logs available that can be downloaded from the internet. These tools make data recording of glucose levels easy.

Free blood glucose logs – Features

There are software like Glucose Tracker, Blood Glucose log book etc available online that make blood glucose log maintenance easy. These are customized software programs with powerful features that make record maintenance an easy job. They make glucose data logging a simple task. You can use these programs to automatically save glucose level, relationship to the meal, and time of measurement. The interface created is highly interactive and simple to understand. Oversized numbers, easy and precise use of terms make data logging simple and interesting. There are features like addition of comments that can be used to note down information like your meal details when you had a high or low glucose level, dosage of diabetes medication or any changes done to it. If you have seen any unusual or new symptoms and experienced high or low glucose levels you can also make a note of these details.

It makes it easier for you to get an idea of the trend of your glucose levels on the easily interpretable longitudinal graphs that are created based on the data that you are recording. Your doctor can advise you the best medicine based on the longitudinal analysis. You can make necessary adjustments to your plans to achieve better results. There are certain features that allow you to view historic data which can be relevant to your current situation. Some software programs have options like calendar view that shows maximum and minimum glucose levels per day. There are options or views that automatically identify and mark days with good, borderline and abnormal glucose levels.

Another useful feature that these programs have is saving all data to a text file which can be copied to your PC. You can save and edit the file which is often in the CSV or comma delimited text file format and create backups as and when necessary. These files can often be edited and converted to be stored to the desktop PC in Excel or other similar spreadsheet format that make editing and analysis even easier. Some software programs have tools or trackers that allow switching between mg/dL (milligrams/deciliter used primarily in the USA) and mmol/L (millimol/liter used outside USA) at any time. All these free blood glucose logs have easy and user friendly interface.

Most come with proper instructions for recording the details. You can even use them for multiple people. You may even find the history details or your current details displayed in different colors that denote or represent normal, high or low glucose levels.

The free blood glucose logs are powerful yet easy self management tools to maintain details of your blood glucose levels. Graphs and analysis make it easier for you and your doctor to make modifications to your diabetes treatment plan and avoid serious ill effects.

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