for low blood sugar diets new jersey offers a choice of hospitals

For correction of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar four decisive elements are required. One of them is low blood sugar diet. However, all four are important.

1) You have to choose one from among the several different hypoglycemia diets in consultation with your health professional/advisor. To make a correct choice you need to be careful.

2) In order to increase the effectiveness of your blood sugar diet you have to select the right nutritional supplements.

3) You have to identify and treat physical and psychological illness, which normally bring out or worsen vulnerability to hypoglycemia. With diabetes accompanying issues such as stress and other psychological issues are almost always present.

4) Your body’s natural healing systems will require a holistic approach. The strategies which are most important include learning relaxing skills. The effects of stress can be reduced by training, retraining the distressed breathing pattern. Encouraging the right amount of exercise and better sleeping habits.

There are low blood sugar diets and hypoglycemia diets. Among the low blood sugar diets there are two main different types. 1) Low carbohydrate low sugar diets in this type of diet fat and protein intake is increased and all forms of carbohydrates reduced. 2) High carbohydrate low blood sugar diets; in this type of diet the intake of breads, simple sugars and all processed grains is reduced. Here consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and berries is encouraged.

However, in spite of some key differences there are certain important factors which are common in both these diets:

* It is recommended that in these diets you will eat smaller but more frequent meals along with between the meal snacks.

* The intake of sugars of all kinds including honey and molasses based ones and important processed carbohydrate such as, cereals, breads, rice and potatoes is reduced in all low blood sugar diets. The reason for reduction is because of the swift conversion of most processed carbohydrates into sugar.

* An effective way to deal with hypoglycemia is by eliminating or reducing caffeine intake. However, in order to obviate the violent withdrawal symptoms the taper off will have to be slow.

* For low blood sugar diets alcohol reduction is also important but again the taper off will have to be in steps especially if you have been drinking a lot. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very harmful.

* Most hypoglycemia diets are assisted by the addition of a modest amount of fat or a small amount of protein along with each carbohydrate serving. With this the rate of food passing through the stomach is slowed down. The increase in blood sugar is less rapid after eating due to slower passage through the stomach. The insulin response is reduced due to the less rapid rise in blood sugar.

* For low sugar diets olive oil is particularly effective. The reason being its exceptionally high ability to slow down the stomach. Just for relatively few calories it is a giant benefit. In order to give boost to your low blood sugar diet you will add one to three teaspoons of olive oil. You will take the olive oil straight and spread it on your food. However, you will have to cut back on your olive oil dose once your low blood sugar diet starts working efficiently.

Sometimes you wonder which low blood sugar diets is the best for you. However, there are pros and cons to each version of the hypoglycemia diet and your health professional/advisor will help you select a diet which best suits your individual needs.

The hospitals in New Jersey offering low blood sugar diets are:

Diabetes Center
308 Talmadge Road, Edison
New Jersey.

Meridian Health Center
1430 Route 34
Wall Township,
New Jersey.

InstaCare Medical Center
71 Main St
South River,
NJ 08882.

Diet Center Of Ramsey
246 N Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey, NJ 07446.

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