for low blood sugar diet recipe should contain low carbohydrates

Carbohydrates play a very important role in the diet of diabetics and if you are saddled with diabetes, then you would definitely benefit from a low carb diet. The correct diet would keep your blood sugar levels low, your energy levels high and your stomach satisfied at all times. Hence, for low blood sugar diet recipe should contain low carbohydrates along with slightly higher levels of fat and protein.

The atkins diet is one such example of a low carbohydrate diet. Since carbohydrates change into sugar upon consumption, the atkins diet recommends that diabetics have very low levels of carbohydrates along with higher levels of fat and protein to provide sufficient energy for an exercise program as well as to keep the stomach satisfied until the next meal is due. This means that you will feel full after each meal and since fats and proteins in the foods are digested slowly, you will also be free from any urge to snack between your meals. The low levels of carbohydrates will keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range even after your meals. This diet will thus help you to control your blood sugar levels as well as your hunger in a tasty yet energetic manner.

The atkins diet is made up of 4 phases out of which the first phase places quite a lot of restrictions on the food that you could consume. However, these restrictions are slowly reduced until you reach the 4th phase, which you would need to continue for life. A sample recipe of the atkins diet in the induction or 1st phase could start with your breakfast that could consist of two hardboiled eggs or an omlette made of 2 eggs, a salad, a couple of tomato slices, turkey sausages, salad or smoked salmon. You would not be allowed to eat all the items but might need to choose any two every day.

Your lunch could consist of chicken, Greek or any mixed salad containing chicken, cucumber, cheese, radishes, tomatoes, and olives. You could also have one can of tuna, chicken soup, ham, shrimp salad or a cheese omlette. Again, you will need to choose only certain items every day. Your dinner could be made up of broiled steak, roast chicken, green or mushroom salad, pork, salmon, lamb, and red cabbage slaw. You could also enjoy a dessert of gelatin and cream provided you do not use refined sugar but instead use a sugar substitute. Starchy vegetables, most fruits, and foods made of refined white flour and sugar are a big no-no in the atkins diet. Your doctor and dietician will have to be consulted before you embark on such a diet. They will be able to provide you the correct recipe for each meal on a weekly basis based on your weight, age, sex and diabetic condition. Many people have benefited from a low carb diet and you too could maintain your blood sugar at controlled levels when you start such a diet. Your diet will include many more foods as you progress through the other 3 phases.

Hence, the atkins diet could have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels, burn off excess fat and increase your energy levels at the same time. Tasty recipes will also keep you interested in continuing with the diet for a lifetime. Therefore, for low blood sugar diet recipe should contain low carbohydrates and the atkins diet can satisfy all your physical and mental needs at one go.

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