diabetic diets for high blood sugar regulation

Diabetic diets for high blood sugar resolution basically consist of consuming healthy foods which are very important for maintaining a stable blood sugar level; these diets, contrary to popular belief, are very flexible. Diabetics with high blood sugar have to be careful about their diet and also need adequate exercise along with medication and insulin injections. If all the above measures are taken care of, diabetics can control their sugar levels as well as maintain a desirable weight. This also ensures the prevention of serious heart and blood vessel ailments.

Diabetics have different requirements of nutrients depending on their body type, lifestyle and activity levels. In type I diabetes the food intake depends on the number of units of insulin taken and the metabolic rate. In type II diabetes more focus is concentrated on weight loss so that the body is able to better utilize the insulin produced within. However, the main goal of diabetes treatments is to maintain the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients similar to that of non- diabetics no matter what type of diabetes the individual suffers from type I, type II or even gestational diabetes. Diabetics have to consult a dietician who can guide them on the quantity of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and the amount of calories they have to consume in a single day. The dietitian has the necessary wherewithal to give diabetics a list of what is to be consumed and in how much quantity each day in all meals.

Generally diabetics have to follow the below mentioned guidelines on food intake:
* Artificial Sweeteners like aspartame and Saccharin should be consumed instead of white sugar.
* In order to avoid diabetic neuropathy one must consume Omega 6 fatty acids like primrose and blackcurrant oils.
* To keep blood sugar levels in control diabetics have to foods low on glycemic index.
* Diabetics are also recommended to intake foods with high fiber content. A good source of fiber is complex high fiber carbohydrates. The high fiber content in a diet slows down the digestion and thus keeps the blood sugar levels in control. Diabetics are also discouraged from having high fat meals and refined carbohydrates.

Foods to be avoided by diabetics:
* Diabetics have to completely avoid high fat foods in their diet.
* All foods which contain high sodium content are to be avoided.
* All refined carbohydrates like fructose, sucrose, glucose, white rice, bread, honey, refined sugar and sweets are to be completely eliminated from the diet.
* To prevent heart and liver damage alcohol is to be consumed in moderation or not consumed at all.

A diabetic diet to regulate high blood sugar has to be complimented with regular exercise and an effective weight management or weight reduction program. Although diabetics are restricted from having certain foods, a good dietician will help chalk out a healthy and interesting diet which will not be monotonous to follow.

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