Blood glucose logs an important part of your diabetes control program

The number of Diabetes patients is growing and you can find an increased awareness of steps needed to control and manage it. There are different drugs and equipments that can be used to control blood glucose levels. There are different tests that can give you accurate information of the blood sugar levels. You even have home meters that allow you to check the blood glucose levels regularly at home. You can consult your doctor and make a diabetes treatment program. When you are regularly checking the glucose levels at home, the real purpose is to know and understand the trends in your blood glucose levels. As a part of the program it would be a good idea to have detailed blood glucose logs that allow you to record you blood glucose readings and other details like date and the time you checked it.

Blood glucose logs help you to have a ready record for analysis of the effectiveness of the measures you undertake to control diabetes.

What can you record in these logs?

The blood glucose logs can have records like date and time, the blood glucose level at a particular time, type of food and the quantity, exercise and its duration. You may further have a record of the dosage of diabetes medications and insulin as well as other medications you may be taking for other ailments. This would help you to know if other medications are affecting your blood glucose levels. You can also note down the effects of short term stress like an argument or tense moments in a job interview or other unusual symptoms that may be warning signals of high or low blood glucose levels. All such details help you and your doctor to understand the implications of various factors affecting your blood glucose levels.

What are the different types of blood glucose logs available?
You can have several types of blood glucose logs right from spiral notebooks to computer programs. You can make use of Microsoft Excel or even download some free logs available on the internet. Some glucose monitor manufacturers even offer such logs along with their meters.

Typically you may find simple, comprehensive and intensive method of log maintenance. You can choose the one that suits your needs. When your treatment does not change much and all you need is details of readings at a given time and date then a simple log may be ideal. A comprehensive log which has details like levels at various times on different days, details about your food, exercises, and medication doses is useful to help you understand how your blood sugar is responding to different foods, activities and medications. A complex log will have further details on most important variables that affect your blood glucose like time of day, blood sugar level, amount of carbohydrate or sugar eaten, food diary, type and dose of medications or insulin, type and duration of exercise and other unusual events such as medications or stresses. Such complex logs are useful when you are taking multiple doses of insulin or when you are using an insulin pump.
When you record minute details like these in a log you have them ready at hand for analysis and reference. You can discuss the readings with your doctor to find the effectiveness of medication; meal plans if you are not taking any medication or insulin, specific exercise routines etc.

When your log shows that you are on the right track it motivates you to take more efforts to improve your health condition. At the same time if the trends show that you are not controlling your diabetes properly the doctors can make the necessary changes to the treatment plan.

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