blood glucose log book should be integral part of diabetes treatment plan

It is essential to control your blood glucose if you are diabetic or suffer from high or low blood glucose levels. Glucose levels being close to normal helps to prevent or delay problems, like eye disease, kidney disease, and nerve damage. You should plan your blood glucose control treatment with your doctor. One thing that can play a major role in helping you control your glucose level is a blood glucose log book.

What is a blood glucose log book?

You can plan and set goals for your glucose range. Your doctor can guide you to maintain the glucose readings in a log book. They can even provide you with one that would be easier for you as well as effective for analysis. There are home monitoring kits available and the results of these tests can be maintained in a log book which can be studied later to analyze the effect of medication, food and exercises on your blood levels. There are simple as well as complex log books available on the internet. There are some which can be maintained online and shared with doctors. Some are available free of cost and are even printable so that noting becomes easier.

Typically these log books contain sheets to keep a daily record of your blood glucose readings. There is space provided to write down your glucose levels. You can note down details such as, date and time, blood glucose level, food type and its accurate quantity (e.g. carbohydrate and protein content) etc. You can also record the frequency, dosage of insulin or any medication for diabetes as well as other ailments, exercise, type and duration. A record of other illness, times you were stressed (like in an argument) can help you understand its effect on blood glucose levels. You will also be able to note down new or odd symptoms that you notice during a period. These new symptoms could be interpreted as warning signals of high or low glucose levels so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Benefits of blood glucose log book

There are different, easy to use blood glucose log books available free or at a small price on the internet. They can be downloaded, maintained and updated on the computer itself. There are some printable ones available to create a neat record which you may carry on your visits to the doctor. In such log books you can note down any changes you have made to your food or medications or any activity during a certain period. It may help the doctor understand the exact reasons for changes in your glucose levels. Moreover, if you travel frequently you can keep the log book with you so that you stay motivated to follow it during travels. If you maintain and share it online with your doctor during this period you can seek immediate advice for low or high levels that need immediate medical intervention.

Blood glucose log book is a great report card of your efforts to control diabetes. You can easily track your levels and see the effects of your actions. With better control you can get a feeling of achievement that can motivate you to work harder and sincerely to control diabetes. This can help prolong complications of diabetes, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia; as you would be aware and alert to such situations and better prepared to tackle them.

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